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Katlego Maboe

April 15, 2016

Your feel-good breakfast show co-host joins Gareth Cliff and the team – hear Expresso’s Katlego Maboe on his TV and music career, love and life. The energetic personality talks about the reality of the industry he’s in, the work he puts in and focusing on music in his next chapter. Hear what growing up in Potchefstroom was like for the 29-year-old and how much his family means to him. Then ladies, he is ready for a relationship! Move over Ryan Seacrest, Katlego’s here.

Most people know Katlego Maboe as the friendly face and smile they wake up to each morning on SABC’s hit morning show Expresso. However what they don’t realise is that there are many more facets to this young man, he has been involved in many other television shows, is planning big things for his music […]

Sexy people are interesting

November 9, 2020

09.11.20 Pt 2 – If people are beautiful, let’s just be honest, they are better than the rest of us. Can you ever make good TV if you try to be safe and pander to society? Since cancel culture has won, can we cancel that and get Katlego Maboe to host Love Island South Africa? Plus… a knight in waiting, Sir Stuart Ntlathi joins us to speak about World Science Day.

#GCS 15.4.16 Pt2

April 15, 2016

The news gets quite saucy as the team looks at the truth behind monogamy, the world’s first ever mattress that can detect infidelity has been invented in Spain, as well as horrible Mark Hamill autographs. Also, the energetic and talented all-rounder Katlego Maboe stops by for a chat.

Change Matters with Ruda Landman is a podcast series where well-known South African personalities talk about change in their lives. In the series we cover career moves, children, relationships, changes to education, how mentors can change your attitude, and the changes South Africa has gone through – particularly since 1994. Change Matters with Ruda is […]

#Kellman – unJoburg

June 4, 2015

We are joined by Neill Anthony for this edition of unJoburg. Neill is a private chef who gives viewers a fascinating, rare glimpse into the high-pressured world of private catering for South Africa’s high society and A-list socialites. Chef Neill spent 10 years in Europe honing his skills in the professional kitchens of Gordon Ramsay, […]

Banana trees and Evil owls

October 27, 2020

27.10.20 Pt 2 – Is homeschooling an option for most people, or is Pythagoras’ Theorem best left to people who know what’s what? If your life is established, would you want a new partner later in life… or are you single to the death? Is anyone proud to work for the South African government? If you don’t fix potholes in Durban, the people will make you reap what they sow. Owls are not a solution to your rodent problem in Africa, they are the 11th plague.

Fishnets and Farting

October 23, 2020

23.10.20 Pt 1 – What is the most you are willing to do in the search for the perfect Halloween costume? If you are trying to be sexy, try not to fart while wearing fishnet stockings. If only insurance could help with the wrath of a woman scorned! How have people dealt with friendships in lockdown?