With the recent drama at The Jugomaro Predator Park in Groblersdal, Ainsley Hay from the NSPCA Wildlife Division joins Jono and Sharon to reveal all the details. Smaragda Louw from Ban Animal Trading gives the facts behind the story of the wildlife importers who have been in the headlines of late. Finally, author Marybeth Haines joins the show via Skype to discuss her book ‘The Power of Pets’, which aims to help pet owners deal with their grief after the loss of a pet.


150715 animalcentral


AnimalCentral 15.07.15

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  • Melanie Martin

    These cats know nothing else but human contact

    They are still in danger as Sias the new owner of the cats has now sold them to a hunter

    As you can see in my video the company NWWT that came to pick up these big cats do promote lions on there website, which is very disturbing

    So now the fernandes family does not own the land or the cats anymore

    They have been sold again. International Animal Rescue Foundation world South Africa has nkw posted a new update on there facebook page on the mattter

    We need to help relocate this family. There work is amazing with these rescues and cubs that were orphans..

    Please watch my video…this is a family

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