In this edition of Candid Business, Ellis Mnyandu brings out another thought-provoking podcast about how to start a business. His guests for the Small Business Basics feature are Nokwazi Mzobe – founder and CEO of Matoyana, an entrepreneurship development consulting firm, and Maushami Chetty, entrepreneur and partner at Novate Legal.




Candid Business – Small Business Basics: How to Start a Business

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  • Dewald Pelser

    Legal is not the first step….that is the mistake EVERYONE makes.

    Getting the entity registered, creating the website and printing business cards comes later.

    I agree with Nokwazi Mzobe about the Business Model Canvas, but there is a couple of steps before that and it is as follow:

    1.Know Thy Self – You have to have a clear understanding of yourself and your passions
    2.Idea formulation – Finding multiple ideas
    3.Incubation – develop idea: The idea you choose needs to align with your passion, values and vision.
    4.Idea Validation – Start with Model Canvas

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