Mpumi Nhlapo chats to T-Systems South Africa MD, Gert Schoonbee, about Africa carving a niche for itself for digital transformation and cloud computing. Gert has more than 20 years experience in the industry. He previously worked for IBM, ahead of starting his own company, e-Volution… then joined T-Systems. They also tackle the topic of disruption, un-outsource and Wayde Van Niekerk as a TSSA brand ambassador.




DISRUPT with Mpumi Nhlapo – T-Systems MD Gert Schoonbee

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  • Johan Olivier

    Was fantastic to listen to Gert. He is a humble big achiever. Proud of him. Gert and i cycled Abel Erasmus pass together on a tandem bicycle, He is as tough as can be. Johan Olivier

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