Virgin Atlantic, CliffCentral, the British Council and the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship present Dreamtrepreneur – your shot at winning R40 000 cash, R140 000 digital marketing package from Just Perfect, a trip to London for Global Entrepreneurship Week and a personal mentoring session with Sir Richard Branson.


Congratulations to our winners, Ridhwana Shaik of Meshuga Shoes and Drone Snap‘s Jason van den Berg & Mario Demetriou!



9 Dec: Winners’ Report Back

Three lucky winners got to experience some exciting travels as well as meet Sir Richard Branson himself. The lucky fish join Gareth Cliff and the team for a discussion about their exciting adventures and how they have grown, learnt and experienced a whole new side to life after winning the #Dreamtrepreneur competition.

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19 Oct: The Winners Speak

Gareth Cliff speaks to the winners of the #Dreamptrepreneur competition who after meeting Sir Richard Branson got to travel to London on the new Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner.


13 Oct: Winners’ Feedback after meeting Richard Branson:

Ridhwana Shaik, Jason van den Berg and Mario Demetriou join Gareth Cliff live in studio to chat about the experience of meeting Sir Richard Branson as part of their #Dreamtrepreneur prize. What lessons did they learn from him, and how will they be taking their businesses forward?






9 Nov: Winners’ interviews on The Gareth Cliff Show:

Our #Dreamtrepreneur winners, Ridhwana Shaik of Meshuga Shoes and Drone Snap’s Jason van den Berg and Mario Demetriou, join the conversation to discuss the competition and how they feel ahead of meeting Sir Richard Branson. They give us more background information on their inspiration in getting their ideas to fruition and the one question they have already planned to ask the great mind behind the Virgin brand.



13 Oct 2015 – Finalists announced on The Gareth Cliff Show:

Darrin Thomas from Virgin Atlantic joins the team as they announce the #Dreamtrepreneur finalists – these 10 people are all in the running for the grand prize of R40 000 cash, R140 000 digital marketing package from Just Perfect, a trip to London for Global Entrepreneurship Week and time with Sir Richard Branson.


14 Sept 2015:
Gareth Cliff chats to Liezl Gericke from Virgin Atlantic about our new #Dreamtrepreneur competition – your shot at winning R40 000 cash, R140 000 digital marketing package, a trip to London for Global Entrepreneurship Week and a personal mentoring session with Sir Richard Branson.




All competition participants must:

• Be over 18 years of age
• Be a South African citizen/resident
• Have a valid passport for time of travel

Tickets and Travel:

All competition participants must have valid passports. The passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after any proposed travel date.
All flights & proposed travel dates are subject to availability at the time of booking.
Tickets are valid to UK. Tickets cannot be utilised for travel to any other Virgin Atlantic destination.
All travel within the exact dates provided.
Virgin Atlantic will be responsible for all travel, accommodation, and meals while in the UK.
Passengers will abide and be subject to Virgin’s published terms and conditions of carriage, which are available from any Virgin office.
Tickets may only be utilised by the winner. Tickets cannot be sold for monetary gain or transferred.
No cash refunds will be given in place of these tickets or prizes.
Lounge passes and upgrades will not be permitted with these tickets during the specified travel period.
Course cannot be transferred; if you are unable to attend the course another person will then be granted the prize.


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  • Jennifer Singleton

    Hi Guys

    This is the best competition in SA media right now.Well Done!

    Some Questions:
    a. If you do not have a registered business you may not enter this competition.Correct?
    b. If your business is younger than 6 months old you may not enter this competition. Correct?
    c. Do you have to be the primary shareholder of said registered business?
    d. Does your business plan proposal need to be related to your current registered business?

    Best regards,
    Jen Singleton

    • CliffCentral.com

      Hi Jennifer,
      We will confirm ASAP but seems that none of those apply – it’s for people with businesses or people wanting to start a business.

      • Hi

        Thanks. I will await your response.

        I see the previous response read:
        “Hi Jennifer
        We will confirm ASAP but seems that none of those apply – it’s for people with businesses or people wanting to start a business.”
        I’m a bit confused as points 4 & 5 of your T&C’s are pretty clear that you need to have an existing running business.

        It’s such a great opportunity and would love to participate but need some clarity on these matters first.

        Thanks a mill.

  • Nozuko Tshoba

    Hi there,

    What an opportunity!!!!

    Once you have sent through your audio, how long till we find out if you made it or not?

    • CliffCentral.com

      Finalists will be contacted by 12 October.

      • Nozuko Tshoba

        Thank you!

  • Chantal Morifi


    This got me excited the second I saw it!! But sadly my business is not registered as yet. I have just been a young entrepreneur pushing the hustle and working hard to succeed in all my business ideas.

    Would have have looked forward to being part of such a great opportunity!!

    Kind Regards
    Chantal Morifi

    • CliffCentral.com

      Terms say ‘Be a registered business owner OR sole proprietor for 3 months or longer’, so you don’t have to have a registered business.

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  • George Honiball

    Hi there. Is there a maximum age limit?
    I am comfortably Over 18…hope it’s not a disqualifier!

    • CliffCentral.com

      Not at all – great ideas have no age limit! 🙂

  • Heather

    Hi Garreth. Just wanted to know….. How does the Confidentiality work. If we pitch ideas that are AWESOME 🙂 …. how are they protected from being used if we don’t win? I have a WINNING idea .. but I have not yet managed to do the trademark application yet ? Thanks Regards Heather

    • CliffCentral.com

      Confidentiality is guaranteed and the judges are happy to sign NDAs – your idea will only be used online with your permission should your entry be successful.

  • nomthi

    Hi. Please confirm that the closing date has been changed to 02 October 2015 from 25 September 2015.

    • CliffCentral.com

      Yes – deadline has been extended.

  • Sanmari Roets

    Hello 🙂 is there a specific file format that our video must be? Quicktime movie ok?

    • CliffCentral.com

      Yes, any format is fine.

  • Timothy

    My video is 1min and 22 seconds, will I be disqualified?

    • CliffCentral.com

      No, it will be fine.

  • HiltonMusk

    Hello, is the above list of T&C’s the only applicable T&C’s? The reason I ask is that I see people mentioning other T&C’s in their comments, yet I can’t seem to find the ones they refer to (e.g. being a registered business owner, etc.).

    • CliffCentral.com

      We originally had different Ts & Cs that included being a registered business owner, but they decided to change it and open the competition up to everyone.

  • myeza

    Good evening

  • Ridhwana

    Hi, My video is a bit too large to email, can I send you a Youtube link to watch? 🙂

  • Michael

    Hi, what is the maximum file size (MB) our attachments can be? Will 50mb be OK?

    • Hi Michael, it can be any size as long as it is in a standard format.

      • Michael

        Thank you, my video has been sent off! Hope I win like crazy! 😀

  • Sue

    Hi Cliff – what time tomorrow do the entries need to be in by? Many thanks for this fantastic opportunity

  • Luke Dominique Warner

    Its a miracle I found out about this on LinkedIn this morning, Thank you so much!!!! I will submit my 60 second audio clip explaining my game changing business plan!!

    • Great, glad you found out about it. Make sure you submit your video today before COB.

      • Luke Dominique Warner

        59 seconds!! Have submitted now, now I’ve got to go to my day job. Thanks for sharing this opportunity, it is dearly appreciated.

  • Luke Dominique Warner

    Are you having fun reviewing all the submissions?

    Do you decide and filter to Richard, or does a virgin VC team review them?

    • We have a panel of judges who will review all submissions. They will choose the winner.

      • Luke Dominique Warner

        Hi Gareth
        What time will the winner be announced today?

        • We will announce the finalists on The Gareth Cliff Show tomorrow morning. We will also notify finalists via email.

          • Luke Dominique Warner

            Thank you

  • Prishen Moodley

    Hi Gareth, will you be staging another similar competition in the near future? I can’t believe I missed this opportunity. I signed an agreement with a multi national but can’t penetrate SA territory because of the lack of visionaries and the oh so often red tape. Sir Richard would have helped me break down that barrier ….damn! I’m so disappointed.

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