Join Hlubi and Gareth, Dragon’s Den Dragon, Gil Oved, Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Ran Neu-Ner, and dynamic CEO of Innate Investment Solutions and Chairman of IgniteSA, Lynette Ntuli as they discuss how the world of work, careers and business building has shifted in favour of the young, ambitious and hardworking, and how to fast track this.


Future CEOs LeaderEx Career Masterclasses CliffCentral Mercedes Benz Contemporary Events Accenture - Young Executives Leading Organisations - Gil Oved Ran Neu-Ner Lynette Ntuli Entrepreneurs


Future CEOs LeaderEx CliffCentral Careers Gareth Armstrong Hlubi Gil Oved Ran Neu-Ner Lynette Ntuli


#LeaderEx2015 – Young Executives Leading Organisations

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