Social justice warriors, social fascism and cognitive dissonance are just a few of the things that have gotten Gareth Cliff riled up. There are some people who think that your words and thoughts should be policed, they call it free speech when they speak, but call it hate speech when another group speaks. By using feelings, trigger-warnings and micro-outrage, these instigators seem to take the moral high ground with their rhetorical non-sensical terms. Gareth cliff is sick of being lied to and asks you to look deep within yourself and ask – “Has political correctness gone mad?”




Gareth Cliff Rant – Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?


  • Wilhelm Snyman

    Spot on…the nonsense that is spouted by leftier than thou Puritans beggars belief – heaven forbid that any of them should ever know what they have an opinion on… most of them probably think Berlin is a verb… once they’ve found out what a verb is. While I agree with everything Mr Cliff says, and while I also find a certain individual in Grahamstown farcical, there’s no need to use her age against her…when there is so much else you could use.

  • Bruce Quayle

    What a wonderfully observant, penetrating and thoroughly enjoyable rant! So refreshing to hear someone with the balls to speak their own mind…and in such a balanced and intelligent manner. Never be silenced.

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