Conrad Koch, the man behind Chester Missing, doesn’t get the true attention he deserves. Everyone knows the puppet that took down Steve Hofmeyr, but what about the man himself? Well, Gareth welcomes him into studio and enters into an intellectual duel on all things making waves in South Africa as well as local society.


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Conrad Koch

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  • dada

    Really enjoying listening to your recorded shows. I think you tow a tricky line by virtue of being white, yes you can’t say Nigga, whilst I can (you guessed I’m black). Look, society is fickle, we will have issue with EVERYTHING you say, does that mean you must stop talking? Not in my opinion. Should you not take cognisance of the historical injustices, yes and no. Yes you must remember that white people screwed black people. No, you must not excuse people for not making something of the opportunities. Yes the institutional setup is very wrong but at an individual level, are black people doing everything to better their lives.

    FYI, I am not going to give you my real details below. (as an IT specialist i have issue with leaving my details everywhere online). Please consider doing a youtube channel to watch your shows as well. I think it might be a long term income stream for you.

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