Gareth Cliff speaks to sports journalist Graeme Joffe who’s in exile in the United States, after death threats. Graeme’s harrowing story reveals mass shameless corruption in South African sport.



Graeme Joffe


  • Claire Walker

    This is insane and intolerable! Enough already but what can be done? I feel hopeless and helpless…

    • Matetheni Mosotho

      It is only hopeless as long as good men and good women do nothing! It should start at club level in all sports. Purge those administrators who are lazy, complicit and corrupt and rebuild strong foundations which will support our athletes.

      • Beulah

        I agree. But when the leadership is not there then the entire system fails.
        people should not be permitted to sit on provincial sports boards for 17 years…especially when they are doing nothing for their province or sport.

  • Rob

    I can’t stand to call this place my country. Nor can I be proudly south African, government is one thing but I never expected it to be this insane in our sports. South Africa beautiful country with a lot of horrible people.

  • Wesley Hall

    Great interview CliffCentral..been waiting to hear what was happening with this…keep up the good work Greame Joffe

  • sports at speed

    Graeme needs a Pulitzer for all the work his done. The sad thing is that the main stream media Iqbal Surve and the other bootlickers that own newspapers will never pursue this because they have been given a mandate to not touch. The rot is so deep it would take Modonselas office 3 years to investigate, they have cut her funding to protect the thugs in office. So thinking out load ,the money getting laundered is so much ,its got to be all pre planned and when they say a single night party cost 65M ,we all know its nonsense. Its a clear conduit for the ANC to redirect the funds into their own coffers. With all they utter disdain when these scum are caught with their pants down and fobbing it off to a lose belt, we all know it will never end ,unless the federations and individuals tell them all to go take a hike.

  • Beulah

    Keep up the great wirk Graeme.
    my 14 year old daughter and I have had to endure ongoing abuse and victimisation by Briane Reynokds from WPA and SSA. They have tried to ban me from supporting my daughter in her swimming for the next 10 years even though they have no jurisdiction over us.
    now briane and csanad feldhauszer (aqua sharks coach) are impising thousands of rands fines on us for no reason and scratching her from galas even though webhave paid her fees and sent her entries ages ago.
    swimming in this country is a joke as there is ni support and when we appealed to SSA they refused to help.
    briane reynolds had sent us numerous letters threatening us that he will ensure savanna never gets to represent SA.
    now WPA is trying to prevent her from ckmpeting by finding excuses to scratch her entries. In one mi th they have fi ed us R7300 without reason.
    we want the world to hear our story…they need to investigate what is happenjng in sa dport.

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