25-year-old journalist Gwen Ngwenya came to light most recently with her article about Penny Sparrow. In this interview, Gareth Cliff gets to know the thought leader behind the intriguing words. From discussing the real state of South Africa, to chatting about her background, including being the UCT SRC Chairperson and why she believes life is all about self-definition, Gwen lays it all on the line.


GwenNwenya3116 copy


Gwen Ngwenya


  • Alex Madjarov

    Gareth mentions that this interview might disengage many people, or suddenly pull in a huge audience of people who crave more similar discussions.

    I am of the latter group. This interview has me on an intellectual high. Dave Rubin mentioned that there seems to be a rise in skepticism of current social conventions and I’m glad to see at least 2 people besides me from this side of the world (I’m in Namibia) share in this view. This is fantastic.

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