Lesego Maphanga and his mother Elizabeth join us for one of our special Mother’s Day interviews. Lesego hosts Unplugged & InCharge with the other guys on CliffCentral and we asked his mom (a nurse and incredibly hard worker) what motherhood means, what sacrifices she had to make, and what kind of a man her son has turned out to be. Lesego lays bare the love and respect he has for his mother, other moms and those who didn’t have such a female role model in their lives.




Lesego Maphanga & his mom Elizabeth

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  • Promise Booysen

    Wow! I must say Lesego and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful mum. She is a true meaning of ‘strength and hard work’. I love her too bits. She did well with her interview. Lesego keep on shining my brother, love you! #Blessed