Mamphela Ramphele has written a book about hope, betrayal and dreams and she pops by to talk about everything from the DA/Agang arranged marriage, black inferiority complexes, white inability to apologise, and the way she found out about Steve Biko’s death. Someone who describes herself as political, but not much into party politics, Mamphela has some interesting points of view worth hearing.




Mamphela Ramphele

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  • Marita Nell

    Fantastic interview with a highly intelligent and emotionally mature individual. Everyone concerned with the health of our nation and country should listen to this. I had tears in my eyes. Just one thing that I can’t quite understand, if calling someone by their given first name with the correct pronunciation (as far as possible) is a sign of respect, which I strongly agree with as people always get mine wrong for some reason as it is so straight forward, why does she call you by your surname, or are you OK with that?