President Jacob Zuma is a desperate man. More desperate than ever, and this means bad things for South Africa. Ben gets rather angry about that man-child South African sports minister, and Anthea takes stock of what a desperate and devious president does to the South African Rand.




#GCS 24.08.16 Pt1


  • Jan Kent

    Hi Cliff, by doing an asset capture by the citizens of South Africa on all of Zumas family assets, all political parties involved even the ANC should support the idea that this money (Could it be worth R400 000 000 already, excluding the net worth of his families mining businesses which is most probably worth in the billions…) then be used in a public fund to secure affordable loans to build homes for the poor people (of ALL races) This should also be done to the Guptas, putting them out of business for ever for the injustices they have done to the South Africans. If ALL agrees, there is pretty much nothing ANYONE can do to save these criminals and justice will be served while prosperity is given a kick start. Think about it for a while, it’s not only possible, but very doable, because who will not agree when at last the people will benefit. I recon each and every family in South Africa, black white, brown, (excluding the yellows and the Nigerians who don’t belong here and the criminals in jail) could end up with a couple of hundred thousand in our pockets with expert advice how to invest that money and put it to good use.. END OF POVERTY, the people win and the rapists and criminals spend the rest of their miserable lives behind bars. THIS IS NOT WISHFULL THINKING! Its a real plan!

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