25.03.21 Pt 2 – Dr Nthabiseng Moleko, a senior lecturer in managerial economics at the University of Stellenbosch Business School, joins the team to talk about education, student debt, unemployment, economic growth and a whole lot more.



Why is Education Important?


  • Gabor

    Burning platform was one of the worst shows in years! Your guest was just pathetic! Lots of shouting with ZERO fact. Very poor reflection of a lecturer.

  • Francois Kamffer

    If those funds for development would work, open them up and see how much funding they get from fund managers? Why put pension funds into companies that can’t turn a profit, could not be more disappointed that this kind of mentality is teaching people to think in these kind of ways. How you can keep it together Gareth I have to commend you👍

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