Sean Stevens and Lihle Msimang join the show. After Sean’s brush with death his bucket list would make anyone proud. Item 1: Start a comedy club and production studio. He also owns a tattoo shop, among other things. He’s sailed halfway around the globe in a pirate ship, has his own radio show, does stand-up, and he can’t swim. Although it’s her first time on the JUSTNOW podcast, Lihle Msimang was a favourite on our previous podcast. An AFDA graduate, Lihle is currently writing and acting in tons of stuff including MTV’s ‘You got Got’. She has a special announcement for us too! DISCLAIMER: Eric’s real dad once f**ked a mermaid. NOTE: Although this was recorded on Star Wars Day (May the 4th), we managed to make zero references to the films.




The JUSTNOW Comedy Podcast – That one time Eric’s Dad had Sex with a Mermaid…

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