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  • Oivey

    I’m a first timer and bored stiff on Gareth Cliff Central (No Rhyme
    intended) Wondering what’s up with the drooooooning conversations about arts
    expo. Good to hear about whats potting out there, but is it really necessary to
    kill us with such lengthy, NeverEndingChewOurEarsOff discussions… I shall stay
    strong and continue listening – the show should lighten up… I hope.

    • Oivey

      … another 5 minutes gone…still droning expo conversation….I can do it, I can..

      • Oivey

        can… more….ears..paining….must..log…off…must….log…off

  • Ingrid Stockl

    Great Show! Cant please everyone all the time :))

  • Shaun Barry Botsis

    An average fart is made of:

    59% nitrogen

    21% hydrogen

    9% carbon dioxide

    7% methane

    4% oxygen

    1% hydrogen sulfide, the smelly part

    100% original fart

    • very educational indeed

    • defacto6969

      are you suggesting?… can’t be ….. are you saying?….. you wouldn’t…..ok we agree cliff is 100% original fart

    • That totals 101.

    • Mark Miles

      this ‘average fart’ has constituent components adding to 101%!? Maybe this is the ‘turbo-charged’ version?

    • Jaime


    • Chrysanthos Savva

      my farts are usually 99% hydrogen sulphide, 1% balance, unless it’s a wet one which means i have kakked myself

  • Paula

    Help! Everytime I navigate to a different app on my iPad or close the lid your live stream shuts down. This only started happening today. I’ve had no problems before now.

    • Are you using a particular app to listen or using

      • Paula

        I am accessing it via web on my iPad

  • Jarryd Gerber

    Coolest old bird in the world is on your show right now 😛

  • Lara

    Hi all you sexy people, I just love and Jonti you are just amazing and we all love this show..Lara from Pharaohs

  • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

    So frustrated. There is a live stream but no volume this morning. What is going on? Listening online and have refreshed several times now.

  • Rienkie Heyns

    Lionel sounds disturbed … But in a sad way

    • Wimpie

      He does….
      scaring the shit out of me, scary

  • Emmanuel Kazadi

    Where is Griff ? that american comedian ?

  • Fix Education

    Love The Show !!!

  • Frans

    Where is the Podcast for Clff show this morning…. 🙁

    • Sorry for the delay its up now…

  • Gen

    Even Gareth with all his experience interviewing people seemed to struggle with Lionel…the guy is a whack job.

  • David murray

    Hahahahahaha HE SHOULD!

  • Awesome show!

  • Benjamin

    Hi Im happy for you guys and im sure you will do well in it. Keep up the good work loving it.

  • Janice

    It’s the first time I’m listening to this show…Very interesting!

  • Dave Sinclair

    Hi Gareth, any comments on that woman in Parliament who at the end of her speech said under her breath, BLOODY BASTARD

  • Lee

    Ah Gareth your voice is so soothing. its been so long. Ive missed you and the team sooo much

  • Intj Mastermind Herman-Peter C

    I am a musician. Here is a link to my music: It is a great problem for musicians like me to get our music to the public, because the only music that gets aired is commercial music!

  • Intj Mastermind Herman-Peter C

    As soon as music has a too intellectual side to it or is too complicated recording companies, radio stations etc. seem to lose interest!

  • Intj Mastermind Herman-Peter C

    To make ends meet financially I will probably have to change my style to rock or something…but I don’t want to!

  • I miss having visuals in the mornings …

  • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

    Struggling to connect. Even my co-workers here in Thailand are wondering where Gareth and the team are…where are yoooou???

    • Hi Justine, did you manage to connect? if not are you trying to listen on pc/mobile? wifi/mobile?

      • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

        Yes, finally connected. Not a problem with you, I don’t believe. I think it was slow wifi this side.
        Puza Thursday everyone!!!

        • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

          Oh, I always connect via PC, btw.

  • Wimpie

    CliffCentral rocks!!!!
    Antbody wanna buy my hi-fi? That piece of shit haven’t been turned on from the day Gareth and team left 5fm

    • Garth Vader

      WELL I DONT KNOW??????

    • Christopher John Peppas

      Wa Ba Ha Ha Ha !!!

      • Sean

        true hey. lol

    • Jethy

      Lol, my 1st day being a fan! Love it, gona have too promote it!

    • agreed!

    • OJ Goitsemdimo

      Dr Pa
      What a waist of wasteful expenditure.Mayb it might turn on oneday..who knws

    • Raymond Moidi

      lmao lol hahahahahahahahaha

    • Ztitch

      wanna= want to. antbody= anybody. haven’t= hasn’t or has not, fron= since #grammar.

      • Neil Iain Purdon

        If you’re going to be a judgemental clown make sure you know your #grammar

        Haven’t ~ have not


    • Octavia

      why not just give it away 🙂

    • Marc Hugo

      He IS fun, no doubt.
      And for the majority of dinosaurs in SA, quite risqué. Not quite Adam Carolla yet, but give him
      time. Sorry about your hi-fi. If your listening is limited to streaming
      radio, you have more problems than the Rand mate.

  • David murray

    Is this U2 album on every iphone linked the iOS 8 update?
    Still think it’s freaky.

  • Arthur

    the best porn site is XHAMSTER

  • dawy

    this is the place to be ,scotts want their national animal to be a unicorn goodness gracious!!!!!!!!!

  • Colin J. FRYER.

    Educate, educate, educate. The only sustainable methodology that will stop rhino poaching. Educate the buyer in the Far East & the buying will stop.

  • Outchea supporting the kid Gareth, ,Glad i discovered CliffCentral.

  • Sheik Yr Mami

    Are you delaying iTunes podcast today?

  • Wimpie

    NOU GAAN ONS BRAAI!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rienkie Heyns

    Is this a chat facility just for the CliffCentral site?

  • Ian Northing

    Have u guys heard that UK X Factor dude Jay James…..? Yowser….!

  • Garth Vader

    First time listener and i’m not impressed with these radio jocks.Worse then Gareth.#Nuffsaid

    • defacto6969

      can’t be worse than cliffy boy

  • defacto6969

    uncensored | unscripted | unradio | uneverything | = ? sounded like tosh and turns out thats what it is

  • Guest

    He is getting offended because you are an emasculating annoyance of a woman.

  • Ingrid Stockl

    What is the matter with you!!!!!! Stop this virginia shit…….

  • Ingrid Stockl

    What a pathetic way to start your day!! Get a life you idiots!!!!!

  • Wimpie

    IT’S THE WEEKEND,BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don

    go cassie and the malbevok gang!Love u all!

  • David

    Why does the R roll so well in afrikaans?

  • David

    much more than expected … sweet.

  • David

    34 and just discovered a new trend among the youngens !!!
    Twerking ??? WTF … so I googled (as all of us in the unknown do!!!)
    If this is socially excepted then .. well ?

  • Scott Robins

    Hey Kaunda they were both outside of the technical area.

  • Scott Robins

    Hope Tony paid up on his bet after the double of Chelsea and the Boks.

  • Scott Robins

    There is a bit of Bromance going on between Gcobani and Ronaldo.

  • Scott Robins

    Poor Cornell, at least he kept getting up and going back for punishment.

  • Scott Robins

    Argentina deserved to win. Not sure why I stayed up to watch the game but … there is definitely something wrong with that Aussie team. Too many individuals and no one willing to go that extra mile, especially after Hooper was sent off.

  • Scott Robins

    Thanks Themba, there were a few yellow cards which were questionable.

  • Light years ahead!!!

  • Lize Mynhardt

    roxy you champion #groovybru

  • Gwen

    First Time Listening to CliffCentral! Why was I not here sooner?!!

  • First time listening to CliffCentral so is on 24/7? Can I make ya’ll my new office partner lol sounds interesting …

    • Welcome 🙂 We broadcast live from 6am – 6pm then we run repeats throughout the night. If you missed anything you can always catch up with our podcasts.

  • David

    Fish ? are we still talking about the same thing here?

    • With the Kalvari’s you never really know 🙂

  • David

    couch ??? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …

  • David

    crack sniffing on cliff central 🙂

  • David

    Play a real corny song … !

  • Wimpie

    Hey Gareth,

    guess what?


  • Guest

  • Guest


  • Guest

    It’s the weekend BABY!!!!!!

  • It’s the weekend BABY!!!!

    • 2hours

      Not such a fan of too much booty myself, but gotta say that its good to see caucasian world citizens reflect authoritative bodily definition

  • Guest

    Lmao you guys are funny. Sia why do you have to debate all the time tho??

  • carol

    Waiting very patiently for CherryKab

  • Janice Benecke

    Trying to get started by it insists that i put in a web site – when i put mine in – it now says invalid URL – so now what

  • carol

    CherryKab have got the power, awesome interview

  • #tshegoPhilosophy

    Let’s get Mikey Schultz to your studios guys! The guy is a total LEJJ!!!

  • #tshegoPhilosophy

    Lets get Mikey Schultz into your studio, the dude is designed for your Show!!!

  • dan.oak

    This smacks of The Howard Stern Show or The Joe Rogan Experience

  • Observer

    The worst episode of South African Idols ever last night. Everyone was dismal! Ironically also the best two episodes of The Voice ever.

  • Guest

    i am south african and here is my als ice bucket challenge


    Okay the streaming is pretty smooth, but why do you guys plays censored so-called clean versions of Hiphop songs?

  • Gracious Ndebele

    Enjoying the show! Really interested in the Entrepreneurial Recharge Boost that’s been advertised, 1st November 6pm at Monte Vista Ball Room, please may you let us know where to get tickets…thanks

  • Wimpie


  • JztClaire

    Where’s the homeless woman? Get her on the phone, puhleeeeeeze!

  • Sean Crookson

    This lady sounds like Helen Zille.

  • Kingmacinchina

    Love your come back to the comment…”suck a bag of dicks”

  • Estelle Baffoe

    Moving right along, Gareth. Don’t stress about people. Continue doing YOU! Authentic.

  • Rob

    Go Cliff, this is awesome. First time here, will be listening. Thank you 🙂

  • Rudi v N

    Jeeeeeees its good to hear you guys again. Started streaming this morning and remembered why I listen to CD’s in my car nowadays.

    • It’s good to have you back as a listener. Keep it locked!

  • Rick Cooper

    AWESOME RADIO, CLIFF! I am so sick of the politically correct crap on the air waves.

  • Celeste Lackay

    Come now GC! Cut Damon some slack

  • Tim Molelekoa

    Love #cliffcentral

  • Demi

    Waiting to hear whats right in the world!! #TheGoodStuff

  • Did I miss the interview with Suzelle DIY? 🙁

    • Catch her on the podcast – “The Good Stuff”

  • Jim Petrak

    Gil For President!!! hahaha

  • Jim Petrak

    I make movies like Speilberg. Hahahahahaha Love IT!!!!

  • muzi dv

    why cant i hear anything when i try ot listen live?

  • Toco

    omg its my first time tuning in soo super excited …I continuously reinvent myself almost every 3 years ..but never ending urge for a new change ..scary…

  • Calvin Kodisang

    So proud of you Audrey, you are an inspiration to many!

  • Derrick Zikizela

    so far I am a fan

  • buhle

    First time tuning in on cliff central and I’m enjoying the show, wow wish it was part of the stations because it’s real

  • buhle

    I wouldn’t mind working at Clifcentral because it’s the best

  • Jarred

    I have stretched earlobes done by Conrad. He is in my opinion the best in South Africa.

  • Well done Conrad

  • Richard

    Conrad and Eddie have done all of my piercings. He did my pubic bar a few weeks ago actually. Just stretched my Guiche up to 3.2mm and my Prince Albert is at 10mm…
    Had my ampallang done and retired it 3 times…
    3 rung scrotal ladder, dydoe, nipple…
    i think it’s a bit of an addiction.

  • What about the chandelier

  • Perspicacity2012

    So what has Pollard actually done to retain the flyhalf jersey game after game? He played incredibly well against NZ away but that is about it. Conversely where does the thinking come in that this was a flash in pan performance from Pat, when last did he even get the opportunity to start a test at flyhalf?

  • AZ

    world class .. absolutely love cliffcentral !!!!!

  • Jared Matthews

    Amanda Bynes cant like string more than like three words together like without like, using like the like word like like like…

  • Rani

    My first time wow I missed Garett’s voice

  • Rani

    Btw Sorisha Naldoo is married to Vivian Reddy’ – he is CEO at Edison Power n owns da Casino in Ladysmith, both very chummy with Our Jacob n friends”……….

  • ArnoS

    Nude beaches…sounds like a job for Danger boy. 🙂

  • i didnt know cliffcentral was like a radio station, wow im loving it so far, interesting, my first time here

    • Enjoy!

    • Dennis Sithebe

      Its great, i think im addicted to it.

  • ive never had a poo accident Yuck

  • Tian

    is there a url so i can add cliffcentral to my vlc player ?

  • Vanessa Siedle

    get over it Gareth. It was one day. let’s move on. this is boring

  • Don van Eetveldt

    michael brown , hector peterson ?

  • Dan

    I must just note it wasn’t the anniversary of Paul Walker’s death – it would have been his birthday… Just saying. Love the show by the way. We all listen every morning at work.

  • Ryan Stephen Kay

    Listening from the UK. Must be nice to be Global!!!

    • Where there’s internet there’s CliffCentral 🙂 Enjoy!

  • Ryan Stephen Kay


  • Foooooooooo today aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  • Going to be so nice to listen to Rookies and Rockstars today 😀

  • WOOHOO!! Time for some weekly RnR 😉

  • Dr Sindi, Dr G, Khabodacious… you ROCK!!!! You bring health and wellness to our level and can engage with us! Love you guys!

    • Glad you enjoyed. Make sure to catch her presenting ‘Health Hour’ full time from next year.

      • Jethy

        Really impressed with this, going to take some time, to have the traffic you predict! But in essence I will do my part and promote cliiffcentral

  • Jethy

    Its very important to regular stretch, but the most important rule is, what we eat! as much as you want to live a healthy life style, its all about what we put in! I like this saying! Consumption is the mother of all F ups!

  • Jethy

    Motion of the ocean , Pelvic really helps with core mussels

  • Talyah Ginsberg

    Please explain Unilever’s promotion process in Australia (worldwide). Apparently you have to move up a l process you can’t jump a position to the next. (I;m not explaining myself very well am I?)
    Let’s say a fantastic employee shows great potential they cannot be promoted until they have worked through the next level.

  • Addicted – I am ECSTATIC to discover Really really! Only landed on the site “by mistake” yesterday afternoon! *sigh* Gareth, your voice has been desperately missed in my humble abode!!

  • seashell

    Only works in South Africa?

    • Anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

  • Leon B

    Found you guys cause I am in SA for a visit but will be listening from Sweden in the future, awesome show

  • Shawn

    What an amazing interview. So taboo and so honest.

  • Really great to hear you views on different topics again – was always hilarious on the radio. Keep up the great work.

  • Elizabeth Baptista

    Pity you not on FM streaming becomes a little expensive…

  • Siegfried Walther

    Morning all

  • Siegfried Walther

    I liked them in the 80’s….but Pet Shop boys sound very dated to me. l

  • Siegfried Walther


  • Siegfried Walther

    Reminds me of the lady who complained about a guy who was smoking at the table next to hers. “It’s bothering me,” she said.
    “Well then you don’t really have anything to complain about cause its killing me!,” the guy replied.

  • Mike Rheeder

    “The one thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband.” – Joan Rivers

  • Ferdinand Stewart

    Great show guys

  • Semaka

    first time listener…. Forever a lover of Gareths Opinions

  • Semaka

    Damon Kalvarie I missed you so much

  • Semaka

    where r the donkies Mabale?

  • Semaka

    I was sort of not kidding about the NYE thing but definitely sure Id like that interview….more like a job interview… if I run out of data Yall Enjoy A Christians reason to drunk or Christmas

  • Elizabeth Baptista

    Please arrange for FM… streaming is expensive.

    • lionel

      I need to express same sentiment regarding data costs Elizabeth…extremely expensive to tune into cliffcentral via browser or web, and wechat/mtn/cliffcentral audio streaming deal and packages not functioning on my phone since November 2014!

  • Pete

    Would be awesome if your live streaming continued playing when we navigate the rest of your site!

    • Great suggestion. We are working on it and it should be ready soon 🙂

    • gustav

      just open a second tab

  • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

    Happy new year team! Good to hear you again.

    Just wanted to ask why the show is not in stereo or is it my hardware?

    • Happy New Year! We are aware that we are only broadcasting through 1 channel. We are working on it.

      • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

        I’m just happy to have a show to listen to again 🙂

  • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

    Whooohoooooooooooooooooooo STEREO!

  • TheBendixSA .

    DUDE GARETH, you need more than just 32kpbs when music plays it sounds like horse vomit, i understand you need it for the people with slow connections but you need the option for the rest of us, my parents listen to fucking and EVEN they have an option to switch to 64kpbs, if your streaming company can’t provide this then dont bitch and moan if ppl turn down FOR WHAT? for bad quality thats what. btw bok radio is also a online station only. NO EXCUSE

    • The option to change the quality of the stream is coming soon.

      • TheBendixSA .

        Wonderfull, THEN i can start setting it up to listen in my car, up to now it was only usefull to listen to gareth as a fan, but that was it, so this is great news

  • my part for “unradio” will be to catch cliffcentral on my cel and then plug that into my car radio……so glad to finally be OFF Am and FM…

  • Pumpkin

    WTF guys! You sound like idiots! Violence is not a joke!!!

  • Pumpkin

    Geezus, please fire these idiots!!! my ears are hurting!!!

  • lionel

    CliffCentral via my Internet Browser is extremely expensive. 2.66Mb for 5minutes (more than 30mb per hour)! Am I doing something wrong here because Gareth Cliff tells us otherwise that it’s much cheaper! And please sort out Wechat via MTN Streaming. I’ve been BITCHING about this for more than 2 months and I still cannot access CliffCentral via WeChat with the promotional packages MTN advertise! Anybody! please help with assistance coz it seems like im talking to myself here!

  • lionel

    Which MTN packages do u use? Im unable to listen to CliffCentral for the past 2 months via WeChat. MTN’s promotional deals (R29 SmartPhone Lite & R15 Mtn Chat) dont give me the option to do audio streaming anymore!

  • alex

    hello i”am alex from philippines listening cliffcenter

  • Celeste Lackay

    Please don’t change the time you transmit? Without you @ 6 the entire economy will grind to a screeching halt!

  • Carol

    I agree with Lionel. I have been asking Cliff Central for help since you started. I’ve e-mailed, I’ve phoned, I’ve begged, I’ve Facebooked. I can’t get WeChat on my Blackberry. Please Help!!!!

  • Victian Buys

    Gareth ive gotten you some arabic fans, the guys that i work with cant start a day without cliffcentral… #AbuDhabi #UAE

  • Julia

    This debate isn’t about the cartoon itself, it’s about the symbol of the newspaper, the role of satire in society, freedom of speech and the limits that individuals set for themselves (or not). France has historically been very attached to satire and will always fight for it. In 1789, the French queen was drawn having sex with dogs and it was okay!

  • Monique Piscaer Bailey

    Bronwyn changed my life. I tried every diet, I went to gym like a fitness freak, I lost the weight and picked it all back up again.
    Once I was aware of my destructive behavior, my weight started falling off & stayed off! Im eternally grateful too her.


    • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

      Bronwyn who, Monique? Was she interviewed on Unradio?

      • Monique Piscaer Bailey

        Hey Justine,
        Yes, she was interviewed yesterday and I wanted to tell the world how amazing she is.
        Her name is Bronwyn Greene Middendorp, She’s a professional kinesiologist and holistic therapist and runs (amongst other things) weight loss programs.
        She’s not about finding a quick fix or a tablet. She helps you find the route of your weight issue and helped me stop my negative, destructive behavior.
        Her website is

        Hope that helps, shout if you need anything else

  • Don

    Yeah baby! It’s time for the global supershow that’s Casperradioshow on the global super station that’s Cliffcentral!

  • 2hours

    Where’s the live video?

  • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

    Chikungunya is very, very similar to dengue fever in symptoms and treatment, but is non-lethal.

    Its fairly common here in Thailand and can be completely debilitating. Someone I worked with could not walk for months after contracting it and was forced to return to Canada to recover. Not sure if she ever did completely.

    I can’t stand that Lohan but I pity her this illness. Ugh.

  • TheBendixSA .

    Still no way to select higher streaming quality, mmmm, guess im done listening to this, let me know when you guys catch a wakup, im in the industry, and I know it doesn’t take this long, LOL even fucking bokradio has quality settings, don’t you guys feel embarrassed? whatever im out, don’t get why you guys even play music to begin with, it sounds like ass. bye bye now

    • Hi I checked their website and we are currently running our stream at the same bitrate as their “high” stream. We are developing a system where you will be able to choose between qualities. offers the highest quality stream at the moment.

      • TheBendixSA .

        Ok if i’m wrong then I apologize,the thing is on this link : Which is ON THIS SITE, it states in BOLD 32kbps? so who is taking the piss? You going to make me check for myself? because its easy? just fix this discrepancy please.

        • TheBendixSA .

          Also will the system you are working on allow selection of up to 128kbps ? and if not why not?

    • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

      Don’t let the door smack you on the back of your rude arse on the way out.
      Honestly, how old are you anyway?

  • Justine Broadhurst-Bristow

    Oh good God…Casper is frikkin’ funny. I’m laughing out loud in a completely empty room. Can’t wait for the show later.

  • Matthew Baywatch Coutts

    When are you guys going to release an app for smart phones? Missing my Cliff fix all the way here in Aussie!

    • Watch this space 😉 for the meantime you can try the ‘TuneIn’ radio app

      • Matthew Baywatch Coutts

        How’s that for service delivery… Great news!! Thanks guys

  • Roann

    Just loving CliffCentral… helps me understand & appreciate SA far more than I would from my own day-2-day sphere of reality.
    Not just the variety of discussions that we’re exposed to – but, with Gareth’s insistence on “un”censorship – people are free to be themselves – which creates a level of integrity that is hard to find in other forms of media. Very nice!

  • Edward Chen

    It would be nice if the Show times were displayed on the drop down menu.

  • Mandy

    This is the first time I have listened to cliff central Live – what a show!!! Well Done to Jade and her team in studio today. RIP Simba!!!

  • Darryl Glasson


  • Darryl Glasson

    Normal is a misconception
    Crazy is the reality

  • Guest

    Imagine having my name – no jokes legit called Truck

  • Constitution

    Loving the show, first time listener, wow…this is some kind of a snazzy radio show…loving it.

  • Constitution

    How about each show has comments section, I would love to comment on the hair discussion currently taking place…lovely show.

    • Each show has their own page on the website. You are welcome to leave your comment there. Check out the MSG2SCREEN function on WeChat if you would like to communicate directly to the presenters on-air

  • Nicole

    Tuesday morning?

  • Mickey

    Is it racist if a “Sangoma” pukes ice?

  • Cornelia

    why cant I audio stream from my pc? help please

  • Loveday


  • Loveday

    Hi orange

  • Loveday

    Hello oranges

  • Jaxi


  • Dudley

    Hi everyone. Since Tuesday, I can’t get the live feed to work on my laptop. I’ve tried Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Strange thing is I can use my iphones Safari browzer, and it works. Any ideas what could be the problem? All above devises on using the same wifi connection.

  • Santie

    Gareth!! I saw you yesterday in passing. Your’e looking good! Loving your show!

  • ★☆SexyMommy☆★

    Just registered and joined CliffCentral!! Jis been missing you @garethcliff

  • ★☆SexyMommy☆★

    How late is Gareth on the show? CliffCentral ?! Topic bit boring right now… not feeling it ova to Youtube I go 😀

  • Nelen

    Waiting for my homie Mandla!

  • Nice call guys. Can we discuss Berhardien vs Parnell?

  • Neil Pelser

    The last time I laughed during the cricked was when I watched a 5 over a side, under 19, midget, disabled match between Cambodia and Kazakhstan, well done guys. HAHAHA

  • Yollies

    Always listen to Cliff Central on my ipad in the car. Awesome. But from yesterday not working?

  • Hi Mel and Timothy, completely relate to the discussion. we need to improve and provide opportunities for people with disabilities into our mainstream markets. Love the talk…….Melisa Webster

  • Brian Danker

    no music?

  • Brian Danker

    sorry yay

  • The Morning

    Is there a Cliff Central app? That would be lovely… One that could allow us to listen in live. Would create greater reach, I think.

    • I think we are on the same page 😉 Stay tuned!

  • William Minnaar

    Hi there…

    Just so people fully understand ISIS and their purpose…. Is that they are funded and weaponized by USA. The main reason why ISIS was started was to cause instability in and around Jerusalem and Israel, because Mr Obama wants the jewish nation expunged!

    Ironically, many years ago, the exact same thing happened, where the

    Mujahideen were also armed and funded by the CIA.. and they turned on USA and UN…..causing the 1991 Desert War…

  • Fidel Namisi

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    • Dj Sbu is unfortunately too busy to commit to a weekly show. He will join us on occasion when he is able.

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        • It might have the option to play from a custom URL. I can give you this URL which should work then.

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    • Thanks Philani. Glad you enjoying! Keep listening and try out some of the podcasts.

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    Good morning Loyiso, I have a question for both pastors and perhaps yourself, why are certain verses excluded on the NIV version, to mention a few : Matthew 17:21, Matthew 18:11, Matthew 23:14, Mark 7:16, Odwa

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    Look at what China has done to Mital Steel, getting iron ore in Kathu/Kuruman shipped to china and returned at a better price than Mital, because of import arrangements with our govt. Any just google how many people Mital employs in S.A.
    If we like it or not they’re here (the Chinese) but for fuck sakes. !!!!!!. Mandarin really !!!!! really !!!! with enough official languages right here under our noses. I’d love to be able to speak a black South African language.
    Salute!!! Cliff Central Salute !!!

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    • Hi Johan have a look out for our app which will make CliffCentral more easily accessible. They can never stop the internet!

      • Johan Zarco

        Hypothetically: would it be possible for you to establish a mainstream reach through radio towers, or would the government genuinely oppose the fact that you won’t bow down to the politically-correct bullshit that the likes of SAFM are vomiting into peoples’ ears?

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  • looking forward to my friends Fatima and Dr Sindi on health talk at 9am

  • Njabulo Njabs-Joy Mkize

    I would like to argue that we are living in the era of the second generational effects of apartheid, we are experiencing the hang-over recovery. We should take from apartheid the awareness of the danger of ignorance and blind faith in government. We blame the apartheid government for many things which were accepted as social norms for those who voted for that government. So lets be aware what dangers we face today from our government, lest we digress. Xenophobia for one is an example of the looming danger we have tried to deal with racism now we faced with classism…

  • Upbeat Tempo

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    • Johan Zarco

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    Regarding Idols, I think your role is that “you keep it real” the other judges tend to be too animated.
    Keep up the show.
    I have traded Kfm for Cliff Central

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    Great show, I am really glad to have found your online station.

    I am all for free speech and the ability to express ones feelings freely.
    Clearly you guys are educated and can use more than just the overused “fuck” adjective in describing moronic human behavior. Our English language is full of prime and underused terms like

    Found at (

    However because of this I am unable to listen to you guys from 6 am -7 am as my kids start to sing/hum/nod along to the foul filled music. Now this in itself is not terrible. Its when they start repeating it at school and the teachers contact me regarding their vocabulary.

    Would it be possible to mix it up with some words they don’t know and hence encourage them to google?

    Your windbag fan

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    • Glad you are finally here… welcome to the family!

  • Njabulo Njabs-Joy Mkize

    The DA need to find itself stronger footing at ground level like at Wits University… That is the strength of the ANC and that is why race will always come up because the DA is rather inactive in convincing students at the scholar level.

  • Njabulo Njabs-Joy Mkize

    The land that we now have to buy was not bought from us as black people… So why do we have to buy this black belonging land from white decedents of thieving ancestors?

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    • 😉 You can always catch up with the podcasts!

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  • 43% year-on-year growth in eSports – set to become a $1 billion business by 2020. This is big money.

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      TF2 ftw

      • We’re playing the wrong game, it’s MOBA’s where the big money happens

        • FiSH

          I bought a compendium even though I don’t watch or play Dota2

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    As young as I am I can confidently State that Something’s wrong with the selfish ruling party, the youth of 76 fought for education, and the born frees are fighting for education because they refuse to get bullied by the current government.

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    Surely sex with your husband or wife should be sacred & couples should rather be working on perfection in their own relationship rather then looking for sexual excitement with others. Women are very emotional what happens if one of the partners develops feelings for the lover or person they play with and enjoys the sex better with the lover & not the husband or wife. Can it not damage your marriage forever? Woman can not fuck without emotion

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    • Hi Dirk. The stream will automatically change based on the browser you are using and the connection that you have. We do have an aac stream that I can send you if you want. Please can you email

      • Dirk Swanepoel

        Email sent. Thanks for the quick response

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  • Lutendo

    @Consciousness Cafe. If people like Penny are not punished or made accountable for such comments that would lead to a mess. May may not necessarily be a rainbow nation but we all dream of being a true rainbow nation one day.

  • Peace Namaste


  • Peace Namaste

    Hi Gareth and DJ Fresh I am so sorry for the crying session on air, I am just so passionate about trying to unite our country I cant hold it in anymore!!! Please can you take a pic on air of YOU and DJ FRESH and Adv. DALI MPOFU together and change your FACEBOOK profile pics with the overlay link I sent you on your private email address.

  • The Ngwales

    I think I have listened to CliffCentral 3 times, when my fav rapper K2 was interviewed by Gareth, Oneal and by Arye. But I love the vibe, don’t know why I have neglected it in the past, but I plan on listening everyday from now on.

  • Anje H

    This lady is unable to hear you! Sorry to say. She seems like a cool person, but only when it’s about her 🙁

    South Africa has been a democracy for 12 years now! White privilege is not a term that should be ok to be used, neither should people today still be punished for their grandfathers mistakes!

    She has no white friends! Cmon, who is the racist here?
    What a sad and lonely life to be so close minded.

  • Sindiswa

    First time on CC – and it was definitely perfect timing. I am an owner of 2 small businesses and Marcel’s interview/conversation was so enlightening and informative. What a level-headed leader! It’s great to know and be reminded we have such good leaders. Loved his response about the racism rants/twitter.

  • Dennis Sithebe

    CliffCentral rocks!!!! loving the unView, Somizi is So funny

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  • kago reakae

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    Finaly someone that thinks Ntsiki’s points weren’t all on point. She took it too personal at some point. #CliffCentralRocks

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    • Great idea! We have put some thought into it. Stay tuned 😉

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    <3 Loving the interview guys! You sound so relaxed, like you're having fun and reminiscing! #ThrowbackThangs

  • Mbali Dlamini

    streaming all the way from Swaziland…this couple is anointed and true worshipers. # Spirit and Live

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    Loving Cliff Central! As a South African living abroad it is an awesome way to connect with my country. Excited to be moving home next year 🙂

  • Tamlyn

    Listening in from Abu Dhabi. Love getting my little taste of South Africa in the morning. Thanks guys 🙂

  • Frank

    #autocentral. I was involved in an unexpected Metro Police car chase and my Fiat Bravo got written off (thank the heavens for that…lovely car, but gave me so much shit). I do not want to borrow money to buy a new second hand car. I have R85k to spend on a low maintenance, cheap to service and reliable car. I am considering a 2007 Focus or Fiesta. Any advice?

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    This Loyiso show is so refreshing. Respect to Cliff Central for being bold and open for this slot allocation.

  • Chris

    Dan is sooooo smart, great at talking and sounds rather sexy if I may say so myself. LOVE cliffcentral

  • Jucoben

    Can’t believe we have this tonsil as a president! At least the power crisis has been averted “nine….nine thousand and six hundred,nine,nine thousand six hundred and megawatts of nuclear power” – Zuma

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    im at work not giving a fuck about internet restrictions

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    Bring back Mabale please.

  • Lioda Conrad Fine Art

    SOOO Glad my artists had this Exposure! As the Curator of this event I am so humbled by the amazing people we have as artists in SA. Casper, you being one too, a special thank you for being willing to support, talk about and contribute to this very important event. Thank you Casper..Will have the couriers, First Freight, deliver your portrait to you next week! Jy Rock, awfully hard!

  • Zakhele Mtolo

    Here for MaBlerh

  • Shwarv

    Most of the Toxins in the body are stored in the lipid (or fat) layer under the skin. In humans, the toxins are so concentrated because of our diet that I wouldn’t be surprised if the human skin is, essentially, poisonous.

  • aadil

    parents needs to help kids more now as classrooms are getting bigger and bigger every year teacher cannot help everyone

  • gisela wimberger

    The only problem is that its not loud enough – even if played via my hi fi.

  • Riaan

    Hey guys! I must say that I really enjoy your station and it is refreshing to hear good music and intelligent people for a change. Keep it up!

    • Thank you Riaan. Glad you are enjoying CliffCentral 🙂

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    love my favourite Carolyn Steyn on air now with Gareth mwahs to both of u xx

  • Hope

    The most dangerous thing about this Blesser thing is that we are putting a comfortable shield over the prostitution that IS taking place under the curtain of this Blesser thing.

    The Blessee and Blesser can create the image that they are only involved with one partner at a time which impacts how both parties will approach sexual situations. You already said its most popular in KZN…the province with the countries highest HIV infections…do you think its coincidence?

    This situation is flirting with danger and the possibility for the spread of AIDS.
    Lets call it what is, and then deal with things at the real level at which they are.

  • Captain Jakes

    i Moved to Gernany

  • Captain Jakes

    Very sad man I got a job as a Line Bus driver and am earning = R30 000,00 lol

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    Ask Chante whether she has a boyfriend?

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    missed the discussion with Damian and Waldek this morning, when can i catch it again?

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    streaming all the way from the us. i just wanna know what SA sound has evolved to

  • Ingrid Stockl

    Pity Ben didnt mention Fiji’s first Gold medal ever!! Rugby 7’s …. it was an outstanding game and moment

  • Ingrid Stockl

    Pity Ben didn’t mention Fiji’s first ever Gold Medal !!

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      There is a show currently playing on CliffCentral. Can you check if you getting sound from other websites such as YouTube? If you are having further issues you can contact

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    • Hi Carl, thanks for the feedback. We are adding a new piece of hardware which should resolve any loudness issues.

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  • Friend

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