Ever wondered what goes into the making of a world-class city? Get the inside scoop as Siya Sangweni chats to prominent people from the award-winning Waterfall development.

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12 Apr

It’s a country in East Asia that is the biggest of all Asian countries and has the largest population of any country in the world. But it’s also way more than that.

It’s an adventure beyond your wildest imagination to experience. From the food and the Forbidden City, to having a ball in Beijing!

Want a one-stop shop in learning more about China? Then this is the podcast for you. Introducing Howzit China – a weekly segment where we will be focusing on China’s history in South Africa, cuisine, language, opportunities in China for South Africans/opportunities for China in South Africa and many other topics.

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11 Feb

Should academics be allowed to think, write, and teach without unreasonable interference from the law, institutional regulations, or public pressure? What should the role of universities be in society? ProgCast is a podcast about academic freedom for progressives and free thinkers. Join Tami Jackson and Scott Roberts from Progress SA as they talk about dangerous ideas and the importance of critical thinking.

This series is brought to you with support from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

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Your world is changing, your investments should too. Catch Sean Sanders every week on The Gareth Cliff Show to get an update on all things crypto and investments in a market we’ve never seen before.

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The Naked Economy tells the stories of individuals, from the visionary entrepreneur to the kitchen staff to the engineer who knows the deepest secrets. People who work in companies that are designed in a new way: people who are proud of how things are done behind the scenes.

Hosted by successful tech entrepreneur Ernest North, together with rocker and all round whacky creative Shane Durrant (lead singer of the band Desmond and the Tutus), every episode of The Naked Economy involves the raw, behind-the-scenes story of a business that thinks outside the box, and the people that make it work.

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07 Aug

Smart Money is a series of financial tips for different life stages. Maya Fisher-French speaks to various experts as they help us find answers to pressing financial questions. Smart Money is brought to you by Discovery – getting your money right for your life.

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The Understanding Cancer podcast series takes you on a journey relevant to every person out there, bringing clarity to cancer’s complexity. Sonia Booth speaks to a host of top South African medical experts and to cancer survivors, in conversations designed to help us all to better #UnderstandCancer.

This cutting-edge, ten-episode series explores everything you need to know – from healthy living to lower your cancer risk to cancer screening and prevention, how to handle a cancer diagnosis, understanding one’s treatment options, lifelong savvy to buffer the financial impact of cancer, emotional support along the way, the evolution to cancer survivor, and far, far more – all brought to you by Discovery.

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What makes a law firm? It’s not about the size of the building or even the size of the ego! It’s about passion, knowledge, understanding and service.

That’s what defines Fluxmans. It’s about you… and ensuring your peace of mind when dealing with your business and legal matters with efficient, personalised and affordable services.

Fluxmans, one of South Africa’s leading law firms, has consistently remained among the country’s top 6, having established a reputation for integrity and service delivery both locally and internationally. Their major strength is in the quality of the lawyers, bringing a combination of experience, commitment and skill.

In this podcast series, we take you behind the desks of some of South Africa’s smartest lawyers.

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Blind History is a crash course in getting to know history’s greatest men and women – and by great we don’t always mean good.

In this series, hosted by Gareth Cliff and Anthony Mederer, we will tell you the stuff the history books sometimes leave out – the sordid stories, the less well-known details, some of the stuff they didn’t teach you at school.

Each person will help you put a piece of the puzzle in place, and bring history to life.

Brought to you by Taylor Blinds and Shutters.

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