It’s getting Messi in Catalonia. MKT lets us know where he was right, where he was wrong, so humble. Have Chelsea gambled too early with Callum Hudson-Odoi and his big contract? Is Emiliano Martínez too good to be a second option at Arsenal? Is Leo Messi destined to leave Barcelona?

– Where MKT was Right – Where MKT was wrong? (00:44)

– YouTube Questions (17:06)

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MKT discusses whether Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool team should be considered as great? Woude reviews Australia’s return to Super Rugby and week four of Aotearoa. Alan Dawson talks about that tragic Klusner-Donald moment at the ’99 Cricket World Cup and being best mates with his idol.

– Are Klopp’s Liverpool great? (00:13)

– Super Rugby Aotearoa Round 4 & Australia review (06:32)

– Alan Dawson (18:58)

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MKT reveals his top 5 greatest wingers in English Premier League history. It’s Round 4 of Super Rugby in New Zealand and Australia are back a well. The original Super Agent, Jon Smith joins us to detail his run-ins with the Ukranian Mafia and being Diego Maradona’s agent for 3 years.

– Should sports stars be role models? (00:10)

– Super Rugby Aotearoa Round 4 preview (07:15)

– Jon Smith (20:14)

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MKT discusses whether sports stars should be role models for the society? Chilliboy Ralepelle has been banned again for PEDs, Woude gives her take on the latest ban. Peter Kirsten joins us to speak about being a part of a legacy family in sport, and he clears up whether he is related to Keith Kirsten or not.

– Should sports stars be role models? (00:07)

– Chiliboy Ralepelle 8 year ban (05:32)

– Peter Kirsten (19:44)

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MKT picks his winner in the upcoming Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury super fight. Woude picks the greatest Springbok outside centre of all time. England and Sale Sharks legend Charlie Hodgson joins us to speak about what it was like to be in Sir Clive Woodward’s dynasty. He also reveals what life after rugby is like with five kids.

– MKT picks a winner between Joshua & Fury (00:07)

– Greatest Springbok inside centre of all time (11:01)

– Charlie Hodgson (21:44)

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MKT picks his EPL player and manager of the season. Woude tells us how Jake White will fare at the Blue Bulls, and Phillip van der Merwe tells what being part of a winning dynasty felt like. Also Phillip is the smallest man in his family at 126Kgs and is also the least intelligent in his family… he’s doing an EMBA at Cambridge University now.

– MKT picks his EPL player & manager of the season (00:10)

– How will it go with Jake White at the Bulls? (06:54)

– Phillip van der Merwe (15:58)

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Are Liverpool a great team after winning the title for the first time in three decades? Can the Crusaders be stopped? Woude gives us her team of the week from Super Rugby Aotearoa. Our guest Keegan Daniel might be Deepak Chopra.

– Are Liverpool a great team? (02:17)

– Week 3 of Super Rugby Aotearoa Review (11:40)

– Keegan Daniel (26:42)

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Top 5 G.O.A.T Central Midfielders in English Premier League History. Week 3 of Super Rugby Aotearoa. Blues vs Highlanders and Crusaders vs Chiefs. CEO of Conqa Group, Justin Woolford talks all things leadership. He also revels in the glory of his team winning the league for the first time 30 years.

– Friday 5: Top 5 G.O.A.T Central Mids EPL History (03:19)

– Week 3 of Super Rugby Aotearoa Preview (11:08)

– Justin Woolford (28:38)

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MKT reveals who is to blame for Arsenal’s demise. Woude takes us through the list of transfers in South African Rugby and what effect they will have. Our loyal fan Shimi Morekure addresses Manchester United’s outlook under Ed Woodward.

– Are Arsenal a joke now? (1:41)

– Transfer in SA Rugby (10:26)

– Shimi Morekure (19:30)

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MKT has a strong take on how we can sort out the state of world cricket. Who is the greatest Springbok right wing ever? Gerald de Kock talks to us about his view on the Olympics, who his favourite cricketer ever is, and why commentary is so hard.

– MKT saves cricket (1:30)

– Best Bok 14 of All Time (10:43)

– Gerald de Kock (19:01)

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