This episode plays host to ANN7 reporter, Jacob Zuma supporter, and self-described anarcho-communist Chelsea Lotz. Chelsea explains why she views both socialism and communism as models which should be followed to ensure a fair society. Jonathan questions the notion of equality given innate human differences, and Roman probes the guest on the suffering associated with political regimes which have a Marxist bent. Ms Lotz also expands on her views in relation to the President and his grace, Islam as a positive theocracy, and Vladimir Putin the anti-colonialist.




The Renegade Report – Chelsea Lotz


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  • Simon Troost van Heinenoord II

    What a boring guys who don’t want to leave the comfort zone of a current mad society based on big government. Anarchy means the understanding that people do – NOT need government to be safe. Do – NOT need ‘equals’ who govern or direct them based on a concept of authority or power, because that’s a contradiction. Do – NOT need to be ‘saved’ by force but can only ‘save’ themselves through developing wisdom based on facts and information consistent with nature. Developing a new paradigm needs a bit more mental exercise than criticizing the concept from the perspective of the current outdated mess. It’s not Zuma. It’s not the ANC. It’s their attempt to mimic (or conform to) capitalist society that makes it difficult. Forcing them to become full blown capitalists will only dig the trenches between the rich and the poor deeper. Totally the opposite of what people joining the ‘Zuma must fall’ rebellions believe to be the outcome.