The Renegade Report is joined by Gideon Joubert, aka GunServant. Jonathan explores our constitutional rights in regards to firearms and Roman proposes increased gun ownership as one solution to escalating crime. Gideon explains what effect the Firearms Control Act has had on the gun industry, and some of the unintended but beneficial consequences of the law. The discussion deals with the requirements and processes for becoming a legal gun owner in South Africa, the changing demographics of the firearm community, and the many gun myths which prevail around this topic.




The Renegade Report – Guns Save People


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  • Ant-iBS

    A safe for your self-defense firearm is to comply with the Act.
    Conceal Carry 24/7 should be your ONLY reason for legally owning a handgun.

    • Onedtent

      Open carry is legal in South Africa (as compared to USA)

      You are not obliged to “hide” your gun when carrying it.

      Of course, concealed carry does have its merits………………………………………..