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Jonti Searll & Tamar


Jonti Searll has been practicing and teaching in the healing world for over 25 years. He has always been drawn to the connection between the mind and body, the body, heart and spirit and began his journey with the study of psychology, moving into Kinesiology, Shiatsu, Sports Therapy, Energy Healing and Personal Growth. His work has always been an expression of a personal inner journey of healing and growth, exploring a vast range of modalities and ideas.

Tamar is part of the team of ErosLife and SexTalk. She brings a wonderful sense of humour and lightness to the fields of sexual healing and teaching. Her background in the fields of natural health and touch gives her a unique understanding of human nature and the place of pleasure in our lives.

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The Dirty Dictionary

We all have questions about sex, and often wonder if it’s just us who want to know about, who think about, want advice on, want to find out about, want to explore… whatever. Each week we’ll answer a question from you right here. Submit your question via email to (you can remain anonymous).


Q: What happens if a man doesn’t ejaculate?

A: Nothing, he doesn’t ejaculate. The semen will be reabsorbed or released by his body.


Article of the Week:


Have you been touched with love, where you can feel your lover’s heart in their hands?

As a woman have you been touched by a man without wanting, where the fullness of his masculinity holds you in a way that allows you to open yourself?

As a man have you been touched by a woman in a way that allows you to drop your armour and surrender to emotion?

Have you been touched with hands that hold each part of your body, to know it, to know you?

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