The Pretoria Girls High hair saga, the unveiling of skin after the winter cover-up, and the final leg of Women’s Month are all the rage on this week’s show with Tumi and Mabale. Tumi also addresses the sensationalised rape story.


160830 Sipping Tea


Sipping Tea – All the Rage!

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  • alistair ogilvie

    shew…..what powerful radio was that…..thank you for getting back together and doing what you two do so well…what a range you two wander through …..and also , as a guy, to hear two girls jut saying it as it is is so fucking brilliant…..Mabale, ta for your frank honesty and i know the things that stirred within you on the show will help others …….and remember when the bos says ‘good work’ you got to say ‘thanks. but compliments don’t pay for the groceries’…

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