Another crazy show from Somizi Mhlongo and Alan Ford! Brandan Van Rhyn AKA Cathy Specific from Madam Zingara / Rocky Horror Picture Show is in studio. They talk to Jen Su about her new book, Miss SA Liesl Laurie who’s off to represent SA at Miss World as well as founder of Madam Zingara, Richard Griffin Richard Griffin.



The unView – Madam Zingara

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  • shocked

    did ur’ll hear what Miss SA 2015 said on the unVIEW, 22:50minutes, Miss World is on the 19 December 2015 and she will be arriving in China on the 21 December 2015 and she has a whole month there? we serious need to pray for this girl no one must ask her questions, but the thing that worry me the most is that she will arrive 2 days after Miss WORLD is crowned Rolene please also help

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