Is Africa seeing the second coming of colonialism in the form of loans from China? Three African countries including Kenya, Angola and Zambia have a combined debt of $143 billion to the Eastern power, and Kenya seems to be on track to default on payment. The Blue Nile Dam is possibly the biggest African story in 20 years, with the geopolitical ramifications for Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia being considered by the White House and UN Security Council. As Kenya enters a delicate political time, the tragic mall attacks seem to be coming to court within the coming week, and that act of terror may finally be laid to rest.

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Are Man United still a big club? Australia and New Zealand are trying new laws for Rugby Union, Woude gives a strong take. Ross Tucker details why safety laws are being implemented in Rugby. Head clashes are bad for you apparently.

– Are Man United still a big club? (3:53)

– Is Rugby losing its soul? (14:16)

– Ross Tucker (29:49)

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