MKT discusses whether Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool team should be considered as great? Woude reviews Australia’s return to Super Rugby and week four of Aotearoa. Alan Dawson talks about that tragic Klusner-Donald moment at the ’99 Cricket World Cup and being best mates with his idol.

– Are Klopp’s Liverpool great? (00:13)

– Super Rugby Aotearoa Round 4 & Australia review (06:32)

– Alan Dawson (18:58)

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Are Liverpool a great team after winning the title for the first time in three decades? Can the Crusaders be stopped? Woude gives us her team of the week from Super Rugby Aotearoa. Our guest Keegan Daniel might be Deepak Chopra.

– Are Liverpool a great team? (02:17)

– Week 3 of Super Rugby Aotearoa Review (11:40)

– Keegan Daniel (26:42)

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Top 5 G.O.A.T Central Midfielders in English Premier League History. Week 3 of Super Rugby Aotearoa. Blues vs Highlanders and Crusaders vs Chiefs. CEO of Conqa Group, Justin Woolford talks all things leadership. He also revels in the glory of his team winning the league for the first time 30 years.

– Friday 5: Top 5 G.O.A.T Central Mids EPL History (03:19)

– Week 3 of Super Rugby Aotearoa Preview (11:08)

– Justin Woolford (28:38)

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A Different Ball Game – 22.06.20:

MKT tells you where he was right and where he was wrong . Woude recaps week two of Super Rugby Aotearoa and she picks her team of the weekend. The Chiefs have broken her heart. Neil McKenzie unpacks the ups and downs of being a former Protea and what the future holds for him.

– Where Thinta was right – Where Thinta was wrong (3:30)

– The Chiefs break Woude’s heart(12:19)

– Neil McKenzie (27:31)

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A Different Ball Game – 17.06.20:

Which Premier League team is best set up to dominate for the next 5 years? Who is the greatest Springbok Fullback of all time? Stormers Hooker Scarra Ntubeni talk about life as a rugby player in lockdown.

– Who will dominate English Football over the next 5 years? (3:28)
– Greatest Springbok Fullback Ever (17:43)
– Scarra Ntubeni (30:39)

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