MKT discusses whether sports stars should be role models for the society? Chilliboy Ralepelle has been banned again for PEDs, Woude gives her take on the latest ban. Peter Kirsten joins us to speak about being a part of a legacy family in sport, and he clears up whether he is related to Keith Kirsten or not.

– Should sports stars be role models? (00:07)

– Chiliboy Ralepelle 8 year ban (05:32)

– Peter Kirsten (19:44)

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MKT reveals who is to blame for Arsenal’s demise. Woude takes us through the list of transfers in South African Rugby and what effect they will have. Our loyal fan Shimi Morekure addresses Manchester United’s outlook under Ed Woodward.

– Are Arsenal a joke now? (1:41)

– Transfer in SA Rugby (10:26)

– Shimi Morekure (19:30)

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A Different Ball Game – 22.06.20:

MKT tells you where he was right and where he was wrong . Woude recaps week two of Super Rugby Aotearoa and she picks her team of the weekend. The Chiefs have broken her heart. Neil McKenzie unpacks the ups and downs of being a former Protea and what the future holds for him.

– Where Thinta was right – Where Thinta was wrong (3:30)

– The Chiefs break Woude’s heart(12:19)

– Neil McKenzie (27:31)

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Are Man United still a big club? Australia and New Zealand are trying new laws for Rugby Union, Woude gives a strong take. Ross Tucker details why safety laws are being implemented in Rugby. Head clashes are bad for you apparently.

– Are Man United still a big club? (3:53)

– Is Rugby losing its soul? (14:16)

– Ross Tucker (29:49)

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A Different Ball Game – 17.06.20:

Which Premier League team is best set up to dominate for the next 5 years? Who is the greatest Springbok Fullback of all time? Stormers Hooker Scarra Ntubeni talk about life as a rugby player in lockdown.

– Who will dominate English Football over the next 5 years? (3:28)
– Greatest Springbok Fullback Ever (17:43)
– Scarra Ntubeni (30:39)

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Will Paul Pogba be willing to compromise to help Bruno Fernandes shine? Are the Springboks set to become a dynasty after winning the World cup in 2019 going into 2023? James Dalton tells us what he believes ended the Nick Mallett dynasty. He also gives his opinion on Kitch Christie, Jake White and the worst coaches he has ever played for. Is he going to get into a cage fight with James Haskell?

– 4:29: Should Pogba and Bruno Fernandes play together?

– 12:00: Can The Springboks win another World cup?

– 27:48: James Dalton

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