How does one collate data when the governments of the world are hellbent on lockdowns as the only solution to solving a global pandemic? Has the gathering of data been transparent globally? Is the function of WHO to scare people so that they change their behaviour? How will Sweden be judged by history for not locking down? Social media can help or hinder progress… how should we navigate those waters?

More info: Pandemics – Data & Analysis (PANDA)

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WHO decides how we should feel?


  • Melanie

    Everyone of the cases that I have been exposed to have been mild almost no existent and I feel that they should report only on the serious cases (Hospitalized and death) it will show a significant difference in our understanding of this so called pandemic.

  • Lidia Chambers

    Scientists were taught by the very same education systems that lie, deceive and feed us the exact same controlled narrative bullshit. Being a scientist does NOT have any credibility. We have been fed crap for centuries. Einstein, Edison were all cabal puppets. Tesla could have changed everything but he was silenced. Who cares what any mainstream scientists say, it’s all tainted by the corrupt dark agendas.

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