A Durban schoolboy was attacked by a bully on a frightening video that has gone viral. More than half of South African students admit to being tormented and harassed by a bully. It’s time to fight back and beat the bullies! SA Batchelor finalist 2016 and motivational speaker Emanuel Pietersen – who was bullied from an early age – joins the show to discuss this issue. On the legal side, Garry discusses what legal remedies are available.




Laws of Life – Beat the Bullies


  • Karina De Robillard

    Loved the podcast.
    Quick note, from first hand experience, courts don’t recognize emotional bullying as being harmful or causing damage. 2. If the incident happens away from school property, there are no laws other than GBH or crimen injuria that apply. The Education Board is not called in as it is allegedly done when the incident occurs on school property. Bellville Children’s Court is reluctant to pursue crimen injuria against children between the ages of 10 and 14, even though the law has recognized children of this age to be capable of discerning right from wrong. How would you recommend working with this?

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