The team looks at firearm legislation in South Africa. Studio guests include Paul Oxley – chairman of Gun Owners SA, and attorney Martin Hood – specialist in firearm law and security legislation. This is a further show in a series in which we collaborate with LegalTalkSA.



Laws of Life – Firearm Legislation for every Gun Enthusiast

  • Oopssorrymybad


    Now THAT was a show. But why was it cut so short? It sounded like everyone was just getting started.

  • Lynette

    Great – really enjoyed this one

  • Ewald Thole

    Great show! Thanks GOSA.

  • Gideon Joubert

    Fantastic podcast. Would love to see a follow-on one.

  • Craig Gadd

    Thanks for a very enlightening podcast. Great to hear some sensible talk about firearms.

  • EggAndSpoon

    Well done Martin and Paul. A follow-on would be good to keep getting the message out there.

  • Gavin

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast. Informative and well presented. I’ve grown a bit jaded with the anti gun hysteria thats almost certain to follow any ti e someone says “gun”.
    Gavin Brits

  • Riaan du Toit

    More of the same, please. Enjoyed listening to this.

  • 1Zoo1

    Fascinating interviews.

    Far too short, sounds like there is a huge amount still to discuss

  • Willem

    Very informative talk, thank you! Much more to be said on all the legalities of firearm ownership!