Garry speaks to the family of Lee-Ann Palmarozza, whose body was found floating in a swimming pool at a luxury Mauritian resort. A court in Mauritius has subsequently acquitted her boyfriend of manslaughter. Then, two young door-to-door salesmen trying to sell tableware just to earn “a few bucks” pop in to chat. They are the jobless whose plights are critical, they are the kids with degrees with no guarantees.




Laws of Life – The Palmarozza Family Speaks

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  • Ebeth

    Good day. The same trauma shaun palmarozza and family is experiencing, we as a family are also experciencing. In 2005 hr dragged my brother Rozier van Blerk under his vehicle for 600m. In court shaun palmarozza got off with R10 000 for my brothers life!!!! Does that sound fair or like justice???? No. So ja I now he wants money from Mr Roberts to compensate for what?

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