Paul Mumba, Principal of LEAP Science and Maths School in Diepsloot joins the panel to talk about his experience of leading a school in a township context. He also talks about the South African Extraordinary Schools Coalition (the community of practice he belongs to) and what it has meant to him to be part of that collaborative platform.

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Leadership In Education 27.07.15

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  • Christabel Makumbe

    I am Christabel makumbe,a Grade12 learner at Leap Science and maths School Diepsloot.I have to say whenever I hear Mr Mumba’s story I get inspired. His famous words are “don’t make yourself the victim” and these words are very powerful and may be somewhat offensive if not explained properly. I can honestly say that whenever I’m in any kind of situation, be it at school or home I know his door is always open and you’d be amazed that at some point he is the one to tell or suggest u open up, or he can just say let’s have a check up and find out where we at in life. I can personally say that he knows when i’m going through something and he doesnt need me to tell him so, that tells me that he has taken his time to get to know me and has opened a platform where I feel free to come to him willingly and talk.He has created a personal bond with so many students and I see him not only as a principal but a father. His honesty and hard work is visible to all. I am blessed to have know this extraordinary being and a to be Leap Student. I may be going to varsity next year but I’m caring my leap attitude of excellence and my Leap values.

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