In light of the Zupta saga as well as the Panama Papers, The Worst Guys take a look into corruption and how much we, as the people, really know about what government officials are up to behind closed doors. They also compare corruption at a local level and international level before asking whether or not there is any real difference between the two.


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The Worst Guys – Zupta Saga


  • Themba Buyeye

    What do you think is going to happen when the ANC disintegrates? We shouldn’t make the mistake of creating cause and effect relationship where there are none. Or if there are, we should not give the causes more credit than they deserve, leading to the effects. We focus on a single cause ( Zuma’s corruption and other officials which should come down to the disintegration of the ANC), at the expense of other silent and yet lethal causes.

    I agree with you, when you say New Age Slaves, but I disagree with you with who you think the slave master is.

    We”ll continue..

    Please hook up some music during the conversations. it would be dope

    • Mark Mdluli

      Hey Themba,

      The ANC disintergrating will just be the end of an empire. A new party will come to rule, personally I hope it’s the EFF because if the ANC does fall apart we need a strong black party to govern. If the ANC continues in this manner they will build a dynasty that will continue to rule for decades. We did state in the show that economics are the core of politics hence Zuma is controlled by external parties such as the Gupta’s (People with the money). So Zuma and corruption is not so much the cause of this new age slavery it is just another effect of how we are all submissive to those at the top with economic control.

      In terms of music, we have so much to say that we barely get enough time to get everything off our chests. We’ll look into it for future shows though. Thanks for listening.

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