The world today produces more information in a single day than we have ever produced in our entire history. A subset of that data lies firmly in the social media space, and it is often called social media analytics.

Social media is of course a critical component of digital marketing today and its importance to entrepreneurs cannot be overstated. However, the majority of entrepreneurs who launch their businesses into the social media space have very little idea about how to work with data in terms of managing and marketing their brand… and even fewer are familiar with the kinds of tools that are available to help manage the “modern social brand” in a digitally-enabled economy.

Matt Brown speaks to Mike Wronski, a serial entrepreneur and founder of numerous companies – one of which stands head and shoulders above the rest in the social media analytics space. It’s a company called Fuseware, which Mike built from the ground up, and then at the tender age of 29, sold onto one of South Africa’s leading data intelligence companies called Ornico for an undisclosed sum.




Digital Kungfu – Mike Wronski