Silicon Valley is synonymous with tech startups – home of the world’s most well-known Internet companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook… to name a few. For a long time it has been said that if you want to build a $1 billion tech company you have to do it in Silicon Valley – largely because of the supporting ecosystem that surrounds the startups in the bay area.

One of the more prominent components of that ecosystem are the hugely successful accelerators like 500 Startups, Y-combinator and Techstars… but what happens when you try to replicate these accelerator models in a country like South Africa? Some would say that it simply wouldn’t be possible due to economic and technology barriers, and yet, Matt Brown was lucky enough to be introduced to an entrepreneur who is doing just that. In fact he’s not only done it once, but twice! And successfully too.

Zach George is an ex-Wall Street investment banker turned entrepreneur who is pioneering corporate innovation and startup acceleration in Africa. Zach and Matt explore how to design, build and potentially even exit a startup in Africa.




Digital Kungfu – Zach George