The super fashionable Ficus Lyrata commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of the trendiest indoor plants and has recently had a resurgence in popularity because of its beautifully shaped leaves and elegant form. The fiddle leaf fig is a lush, broad-leafed small tree that will add a touch of wild and a sense of jungle to your home. Armed with great info from Lifestyle Home Garden to help you flourish with your Fiddle Leaf Fig, Gareth and the team look at the practical tools to help you keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig alive and thriving.

Ficus Lyrata


Our friends at Lifestyle Home Garden have given us practical tools to help you grow and care for your citrus trees. Nothing beats the pleasure of picking a fresh lemon from your very own tree to dress a salad, add to a refreshing ice tea or soothe a cold. Gareth and the team chat about growing your own citrus tree, as easy as ABC.



Although not all plants have the same watering needs, many a plant can be rescued and a lot of water can be saved by sticking to a few basic watering guidelines. Our friends from Lifestyle Home Garden have some practical tools to help you know how much and when to water your plants (indoor and outdoor).



High humidity and warmth from running hot baths and showers in what is often one of the coldest rooms in the house, combined with the fact that most bathrooms have small windows and low light conditions, create an environment in which only certain houseplants will thrive. There are many plants that can easily cope in the bathroom and will turn your bathroom space into the lush, green environment you’ve been wanting. Get some handy tips from our friends at Lifestyle Home Garden.



Our friends at Lifestyle Home Garden have given us some practical tasks to help you care for and keep your orchids alive. Even though orchids look very delicate and many find caring for them a daunting task, they are much tougher than people think. Gareth Cliff shares a few simple basic care instructions that will help you ensure these indoor beauties light up your home and life. Get more info on orchid care here.



Winter is around the corner and can greatly affect your garden. How can you use the season to your benefit and let your garden flourish? Thanks to the team at Lifestyle Home Garden, Gareth Cliff has some tips and tricks for what you can do in your garden during the cold months.



Can you plant that spinach in the same place as last year and how do you set up your filtration system? Arye and Jane get a one on one session with our friends from Lifestyle Home Garden about fertilisation, correct watering and the dos and don’ts of gardening.

Lifestyle Home Garden

Lifestyle Home Garden



Robyn Sher from Lifestyle Home Garden chats to Casper de Vries and team on The CasperRadio Show about how to attract birds and bees to your garden.

Lifestyle Home Garden: The Birds & the Bees



The green revolution is here and flourishing, but what does it exactly mean? With helpful tips from Lifestyle Home Garden, Gareth and the team have a conversation around explaining what it is and its importance. In this chat, you can understand the importance of greenery in your environment… especially with winter coming up and more time being spent indoors.



The key to healthy living is healthy eating, and that can be achieved from growing your own food. It sounds daunting, but Robyn Sher from Lifestyle Home Garden joins The Gareth Cliff Show to give you all you need to know about getting started, and getting healthier with a great home garden of any size or design.



Our friends from Lifestyle Home Garden check in with Arye Kellman and Jane Malatji to discuss CliffCentral’s upcoming foray into the world of gardening. Will Jane be able to keep all the plants alive? All is revealed!

Lifestyle Home Garden



SexTalk: Creating Sensual Spaces – with Lifestyle Home Garden
How does one create a sensual space for an intimate experience? Lifestyle Home Garden offers more the perfect way to connect with nature, using all the body’s senses.




The CasperRadio Show: Seasonal Advice – with Lifestyle Home Garden
Casper needs help making his garden grow… Lifestyle Home Garden to the rescue. From advice about which seeds to plant when, to the best time to prune roses, to water features and even a unique way to chase unwanted guests away – the possibilities are endless! broadcast live from Lifestyle Home Garden on Friday 23 February 2018.

Arye Kellman and CliffCentral’s domestic goddess Jane Malatji went shopping! Listen to to find out why…



Gareth Cliff and Sunil Osman explore the wonders of Lifestyle Home Garden, and chat about their own gardening experiences. Lifestyle Marketing Manager Robyn Sher joins the conversation… as well as a long-time fan whose singing dreams were crushed by Gareth many years ago.



Coming live from Lifestyle Home Garden, Arye chats to David Brown – Managing Director of JAM South Africa. He tells Arye about the organisation and its passion and mandate of eradicating starvation in Africa, by providing millions of children with a nutritious meal each day.

David Brown



Lifestyle Home Garden offers the biggest, best and brightest plant range – combined with service and advice from staff with a passion for gardening and décor excellence. Marketing Manager, Robyn Scher and Daylin Gibbons tell Arye about all they have to offer.

Robyn Scher




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