South African entrepreneurs face countless challenges from excessive red tape and having to operate in what is often an unfavourable entrepreneurial environment to a lack of the necessary business skills needed to make their businesses a success. Knowing the real South Africa right now, the ambitious entrepreneurial spirit that runs through its tributaries and flows like a river into the heart of a nation.

South Africans have always been opportunistic, from J.B.M Hertzog (who founded Naspers, which is now Africa’s largest company and globally the 7th largest internet company), to MTN and Discovery – both of which can now be found all over the world. We can even highlight the contributions of one of the world’s most foremost thinkers and innovators, Elon Musk – the driving force behind SpaceX.

Join the team as they talk about the growth of entrepreneurship in South Africa – looking at all opportunities in front of us, and how we can collectively grow an economically sustainable country.


360 Biz - The Growth of Entrepreneurship in SA


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360 Biz – The Growth of Entrepreneurship in SA