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What exactly are the factory inspection documents Nissan Japan is suspected of forging, asks AutoTrader?

News that Nissan Japan is suspected of having forged inspection documents for new vehicles and will recall 1.2 million motor vehicles in its home market, has raised awareness about optimising customers’ safety requirements from the factory floor to prevent costly come-backs.

But what exactly are factory inspection documents?

They are checklists of the processes undertaken and quality of the goods manufactured within the facility. When motor vehicles are signed out of the factory, the documents guarantee the cars have no defaults that affect their performance or the potential safety of owners and passengers.

The documents are signed by employees sufficiently trained and experienced to knowledgeably inspect the vehicles.

Do the same processes take place in South Africa?

While the story continues to unfold in Japan, motorists in South Africa can be rest assured that local manufacturers together with the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa ensure quality, safety and security for all.


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