George Mienie reports back on what he considers to have been his best trip to America in 7 years. Why is the USA so great, are they doing anything in particular in the automotive industry that separates them from the rest of the planet? Cindy Alter answers the question, “Would you allow an autonomous car to drive you around?” Her answer is amusing. South Africa’s mimicary of America is not just in music and culture, the motor industry follows suit… is this a good or a bad thing? Is it a good idea to buy a Nissan NP300 after the recent crash test results? OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and the Competition Commission are on a collision course in South Africa – this one could be interesting. And Elon Musk is not happy with Bill Gates after his comments regarding electric vehicles. Powered by AutoTrader.




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#AutoCentral Power Pod: Would you let an autonomous car drive you around?