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Deliveries by drone due to start within the year in the UK

Under the proposals, drones in the UK will be able to fly beyond their operators’ line of sight for the first time reports AutoTrader.



A radical overhaul of the UK’s air traffic control system will allow for Amazon-style drone deliveries to be launched within a year.

The development of new technology allows small unmanned devices flying at low altitudes to be tracked, thus enabling drones to fly out of the operator’s line of sight for the first time.

The system will allow drones to share airspace with conventional aircrafts, advises the UK’s national air traffic control service.

The move will not only remove the barrier that prevents retails like Amazong using drones to make deliveries, but it will also reduce the number of near-misses between passenger jets and drones after 51 incident in the first six months of last year.


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