This week on SA’s No.1 motoring podcast, we look into how Covid-19 has impacted the South African and global automotive industry. We unpack how the FIA is ensuring race fans get their racing fix during the worldwide lockdown. With everyone indoors, we also look into how car manufacturers are getting innovative with their car releases, and how to ensure your car is still fit post the 21-day lockdown. In Industry Talk, Bobby Petkov from Mitmak Motors gives advice on how dealers can keep business going during the national lockdown. Finally, what happens if you drop a car onto a giant trampoline? Powered by AutoTrader.



Auto Talk: As your car stands still, what can you do to ensure it’s still in top shape after the lockdown?



Crazy Talk: What happens when you drop a car on a trampoline? And VW says they will banish accidents by 2050… but how?



Grid Talk: In motorsport, we unpack what the FIA has planned to give all you motorsport fans your weekly dosage or racing action.



Industry Talk: We speak to Bobby Petkov from MitMak Motors, who gives us insight into how dealerships can keep their businesses going during the national lockdown.



In the News: As the national lockdown forces car factories and dealerships to close, can we expect our automotive industry to survive?




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How to keep your car roadworthy after 21 days of lockdown