This week on SA’s No.1 motoring podcast, we look into the traffic levels on the roads following the 2-week extension, and if the president’s latest update will impact current levels. The team also reviews the 2020 AutoTrader Car of the Year – the Jaguar I-Pace. In motorsport, we update you on the racing calendar, and Bobby Petkov from Mit Mak Motors tells us about the creative ways he’s sustained business under lockdown. Powered by AutoTrader.


Lockdown traffic, the Jaguar I-PACE & creativity to save your dealership!



In the News: Under the new lockdown regulations, traffic has fallen substantially… but following the 2-week extension, how has South African reacted? The team also rate the landing of a plane on a busy highway, and much more!



Auto Talk: The team reviews the Jaguar I-Pace EV400 AWD SE – 2020’s AutoTrader Car of the Year. Plus, they get everyone up to speed with the 1400 horsepower Ford Mustang.



Grid Talk: With global restrictions on events, what can racing fans look forward to? We check our calendars.



Industry Talk: This week, dealer principal of Mit Mak Motors, Bobby Petkov, joins the team to unpack the impact of lockdown on the automotive industry. He also provides insight into the various things he has done to overcome lockdown rules.


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Lockdown traffic, the Jaguar I-PACE & Creativity to Save your Dealership!