The Gareth Cliff Show has had people from all walks of life take a seat in studio to share their fascinating stories. From the insightful and inspiring to the “slap-your-knee, laugh out loud” funny – we have had some interviews that can only be described as unbelievable.

Some of these conversations make us laugh, others make us think and others leave us just plain stunned. Many are from a wide spectrum of intrigue and are deservingly deemed “uncategorisable”.

Sadly, we have also lost a few of these people who have graced our shows. We appreciate the time we were able to spend with them, and are grateful for the lessons and thoughts they have left with us. We pay homage to them here too.

All have new introductions recorded by Gareth Cliff.

Click the links below for the Best of 2017 interviews… enjoy!

unBelievable #GCS Interviews of 2017

unCategorisable #GCS Interviews of 2017

In Memoriam


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