Bryan Schimmel has overcome living with HIV, a stutter, and a meth addiction, to be one of the leading and most diverse music directors, arrangers and orchestrators in South Africa.


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Bryan Schimmel


  • Dr David V Kolnick

    I read your article on HIV/Aids in the Jewish Report. I have been working on HIV prevention education since 2004. The famous saying applies ” Prevention is better than Cure!” Since there is no cure at present, we hope to have a cure by 2030. In order to talk about prevention we need to use a holistic intuitive educational TOOL which is ideal for formal and informal educators. Please visit and note the 15 value-based dudes upon which my curricula are based. My 6 act short story play was specifically designed for HIV , and the actors are seen to be playing the Gimme 5 game before and after each story. If the actor/actress does well ( badly ) in the story he/she is rewarded ( punished ) in the play and in the game. The stories include
    1. 2 thirteen year olds contemplating oral sex. Problem solved by Happy/Friendly Dudes and Sports Dude.
    2. Rape/Gender-based Violence Scene. Possibility of pregnancy and HIV infection or both.
    3. Condom scene with interactive theater
    4. Blood Transfusion Scene.
    5. Xenophobia using puppets.
    6. Prostitute scene with the spread of HIV.
    If you have contacts with this sort of education for television, theater etc. This should be brought to community centres as well as schools and universities. I have created a song and you can view the Gimme 5 game song on the first vimeo on the home page of my website.
    I am sure Gareth Cliff might be interested in the Gimme 5 concept for his show.
    Please feel free to contact me.
    Dr David V Kolnick. Port Elizabeth.

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