Revix’s cryptocurrency Bundles allow you to effortlessly own a diversified portfolio of the world’s top cryptocurrencies. By holding a Bundle, you can increase your return potential and reduce your investment risk while the automatic rebalancing will ensure you always hold the top assets. Don’t guess, Bundle!

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Catch Sean Sanders every week on The Gareth Cliff Show to get an update on all things crypto. Sean is the Co-founder of Revix and is a cryptocurrency and digital asset enthusiast.

Revix is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency investment platform which is making it safe and easy for South Africans to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Why Revix?

Passively invest in a diversified Bundle of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrencies, lowering your investment risk and increasing your return potential. Each Bundle is rebalanced monthly to ensure it stays up to date with market movements.

  • Diversify your crypto investment
  • Safe & easy to invest
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • Best prices via global exchanges
  • Full custody solution
  • Own more than 80% of the cryptocurrency market

We have 4 Bundles to choose from:

1. The Top 10 Bundle:
Invest in the world’s largest 10 cryptocurrencies and gain exposure to more than 80% of the cryptocurrency market.

2. Platform Bundle
Invest in the top 5 platform-focussed cryptocurrencies. These blockchain technologies aim to improve many of the inefficient systems and processes that exist today.

3. Privacy Bundle
Invest in the top 3 privacy-focussed cryptocurrencies. These blockchain technologies aim to protect your right to privacy online.

4. Payment Bundle
Invest in the top 5 payment-focussed cryptocurrencies. These blockchain technologies are making payments faster, cheaper and borderless.

Each Bundle is equally weighted and rebalanced monthly to stay up to date with the market.

Invest now in three easy steps:

  1. Register an account with Revix
  2. Verify your ID
  3. Add funds & select the Bundle of your choice

Find out more about the Bundles here

Take the Revix survey here and stand a chance to win a R10k Bundle!

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