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Get life (and health) hacks to help you live a more balanced, healthy and fulfilled life – powered by Kellogg’s All-Bran.

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#BranNewDay with Zainab Mohamed

Zainab Mohamed literally eats and breathes her love for the brand she manages – Kellogg’s All-Bran. As the #BranNewDay campaign wraps up, she discusses the fibre crisis in SA, the importance of breakfast, the benefits of fibre and getting creative with breakfast.


#BranNewDay with Zuraida Jardine

Zuraida Jardine is the latest Kellogg’s #BranNewDay ambassador to come into studio. Gareth chats to her about living a healthy and balanced life, but in Zuraida terms this isn’t quite what you expect. Prepare yourself for an interview that takes many a twist and turn and provides some practical motivation to inspire and amaze.

Zuraida Jardine


#BranNewDay with Katlego Mohoaduba

Katlego Mohoaduba leads the definition of a balanced, healthy and fulfilled life. From her radio work to acting on various sets like Mzansi Magic’s ‘The Queen’, Gareth gets to learn how exercise and powering her life with Kellogg’s All-Bran Flakes keeps her going.



#BranNewDay with Ben Karpinski

Ben Karpinski is known as the health moral compass of The Gareth Cliff Show – he’s taken on fitness challenges, knows his way around the gym and has made healthy living a proper lifestyle. He breaks down the importance of exercise and nutrition, ahead of ‘summer body’ season. Get your notepads out as Ben dishes on the benefits of fibre too!



#BranNewDay with Rorisang Thandekiso:

Twenty eight-year-old media all-rounder Rorisang Thandekiso is on a roll no one can stop… from being in front and behind the camera, to entertaining listeners on TouchHD, she leads a very active life. How does she maintain all of this? She dishes on how Kellogg’s All Bran Flakes helps her rock her life and shares her favourite health tips.



#BranNewDay with Emile & Razia:

Emile and Razia Samson, winners of the reality show ‘Power Couples’ come into studio. They talk about their experiences on the show, their growing young family and their life and health hacks to help you live a more balanced, healthy and fulfilled life – powered by Kellogg’s All-Bran.



#BranNewDay with Simphiwe Petros:

Simphiwe Petros is one of the dynamic young show hosts on CliffCentral. Energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic, he is Gareth’s next #BranNewDay guest, inspiring you to get more out of your breakfast and daily lives. The two get down to what being successful is about, how we can learn from each other, and how with discipline we can achieve great things in all areas of life.



#BranNewDay with Lesego Maphanga:

Who better to look at leading an active lifestyle and being healthy than our very own Lesego Maphanga? He’s one of the hosts of Unplugged & InCharge, a game-changer at Standard Bank, and yet still lives life to the fullest. Find out how he balances it all here.



#BranNewDay with Wardah Hartley:

Life (and health) hacks that help people live a more balanced, healthy and fulfilled life, that’s the #BranNewDay powered by Kellogg’s. Wardah Hartley embodies this as a new mom and fitness fanatic/sports presenter. She shares with Gareth Cliff how important breakfast is and the need for fibre in an active lifestyle. Plus her tip for a quick breakfast fix when you’re in the morning rush!