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– Live audio streaming so you can listen from anywhere
– Quickly and easily download or stream podcasts
– Intuitively rewind and fast forward a podcast
– Choose from various streaming qualities to fit your data usage
– Continuous play outside the app – resumes after interruptions


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  • Siya Nontolwane

    Could you guys develop an Amazon version of the app. You know, for us Blackberry 10 users

  • Joao Fonseca

    I tried downloading it on my Huawei P8 and i managed but couldn’t listen … everytime i tried to listen it cut and logged out the app ? help?

  • UnifiedLeft

    There can be no freedom without economic freedom. There can be no economic freedom under capitalism. On twitter @UnifiedLeft

  • Tam Insta: capetownyogagirl

    Ben! extend your Tinder ‘distance’ to Cape Town for ‘post corona’ funnel 😉 I like that you’re smart. Pretty much only gonna have brain sex during lockdown. 😂 love Tam (yoga teacher = namaste)

  • Ryno De Ridder

    I really want to comment on the current status of living in South Africa. Thank you for being real in all of your opinions. I live in a complex “De Velde” in Somerset West. I Leave my door unlocked, children play without worry. IT IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean Temple

    Hey guys and Gals. Amazing channel, I listen every morning from the UK. Gareth, I heard you speaking with Toya a few days ago and the passion you have in that history and realm of time. I thoroughly recommend you connect with Rob Caskie, literally the finest raconteur I have heard on the Anglo-Zulu wars and also on the South Pole expeditions. He is from the Natal Midlands and think you would have an amazing interview. Check out Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon on all things Sethfriken and Global trotter. Sean Temple