A Different Ball Game – 06.07.20:

MKT discusses whether Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool team should be considered as great? Woude reviews Australia’s return to Super Rugby and week four of Aotearoa. Alan Dawson talks about that tragic Klusner-Donald moment at the ’99 Cricket World Cup and being best mates with his idol.

– Are Klopp’s Liverpool great? (00:13)

– Super Rugby Aotearoa Round 4 & Australia review (06:32)

– Alan Dawson (18:58)



Klopp's Liverpool - Super Rugby Week 4 Review - Alan Dawson


Klopp’s Liverpool – Super Rugby Week 4 – Alan Dawson

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  • Riyaadh Hassein

    MKT I think you need to get your facts straight my friend! Its clear you are biased and irritated with Liverpools Success

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