Mpumi chats to Brand Communication specialist, strategic and accredited chartered marketer, public speaker and author Musa Kalenga. Musa is a change agent for the marketing landscape within Sub-Saharan Africa.

He holds and has held various industry-respected accolades, and was the first chairman of the inaugural youth advertising board of South Africa. He has served on the Global Shapers in Johannesburg for the world economic forum and is currently head of the brand portfolio of the Interactive Advertising Bureau South Africa.

Not only is Musa disruptive in the marketing and communications industry, he is an exceptional all-rounder, who utilises his academic abilities and effective vocational training in a creative and innovative manner to ensure not only his success, but the success of the next generation within a more digitised, connected world.

This discussion between Mpumi and Musa tackles entrepreneurship, corporate lessons, disruptive approach, technology immersions and his new book ‘Ladders and Trampolines’.




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DISRUPT with Mpumi Nhlapo – Disrupting the Marketing Landscape