This edition kicked off with a big ol’ dose of inspiration as Gareth and the team spoke to two motivational men:

Kicking things off was a listener from Seattle in the United States, Alex Stone, who was brought along by his friend and renowned comedian Siv Ngesi. Alex has been living with cerebral palsy, a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood. Even with growing up with this disorder, this Masters student has an optimistic view on life and hilarious quick wit!



Then, on the same hand, Radlyn Naidoo tells his tale about being diagnosed with Tourette’s. The 19-year-old university student took on the challenge of the syndrome by finding a way to cope with it – he now alleviates his tics by singing!




Both these guests proved that any form of a disability does not mean an inability – hear their inspiring stories below:



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“Disability” Doesn’t Mean “Inability”