Remember that glamorous commercial that onse Charlize Theron starred in a few years ago? Here’s a little reminder:



As much as rumours swirled about the Benoni-born star’s alleged icy demeanour behind-the-scenes, we heard a different tale today.


Model Warren Mc Aslan, who stopped by for Boys & Girls of CliffCentral today, had a very unique encounter with the Monster actress. Even though the star didn’t spend a lot of time with the rest of the cast, Warren likes to see it as Charlize being a woman of few words who was very busy. “We spent four days shooting at Sun City. She had to push me into the pool about seven times… she waited as I dried my hair and put on a new suit. She didn’t say much to me but on the last day she said, ‘Honey, you’re fucking amazing’.”




Actually, what else do you need to hear from an Oscar winner? No matter what others may say, we reckon Warren’s experience was pretty legendary!


Hear more about Warren’s career on The CasperRadio Show including posing for Men’s Health below:



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A Firsthand Encounter with Charlize Theron